Adobe Audition Edit Audio Tracks Remix Tool

Beginner’s Guide to Adobe Audition: How to Edit Audio Tracks with the Remix Tool

Have you ever found the perfect track for your promotional video while browsing our stock audio library, only to realize it will take you forever to align the beats while editing? Audio and video editors run into this problem all the time. Luckily, Adobe has added a program to Creative Cloud that makes this process a breeze—Adobe Audition. We made this quick beginner’s guide to show you how simple it can be to shrink your favorite audio track down to size with only a few steps.

Here’s how Adobe describes the feature: “Audition’s new Remix tool analyzes your song files, identifying hundreds of loops, transitions, and important segments, and then allows you to quickly remix to any duration.” Sounds easy, right?

The setup of the program has a similar workflow to Adobe Premiere, so if you’re already familiar with that program, this should be straightforward. Even if you’re not, it’s still an easy tool to use that can save you hours of editing time.

We’ll be using one of our awesome new tracks from the Authentic Collection featuring a strong, percussive beat and lyrics, “Things That’ll Keep”—download the track if you want to follow along with the tutorial.


Step 1. Create A Multitrack Session

There are two kinds of sessions you can run while editing in Audition: Waveform or Multitrack. The default screen opens to a Waveform Session, but we will be working in Multitrack.

To open a Multitrack session, click on the Multitrack tab in the top left of the screen.
Adobe Audition Edit Audio Tracks Remix Tool
A dialogue box will appear. Make sure you name your session and choose where you wish to save the file. The other settings can be left alone. Click OK.
Adobe Audition Edit Audio Tracks Remix Tool

Step 2. Simplify Your Workspace

We’re going to customize the workspace so that only the essentials show, keeping this first project as simple as possible.

In the Menu Bar, choose Window, then Workspace, and Simple Editing.
Adobe Audition Edit Audio Tracks Remix Tool

Step 3. Import Your Audio File

Drag and drop your audio file into Track 1. A dialogue box may appear warning about the sample rate. Click OK.
Adobe Audition Edit Audio Tracks Remix Tool

Step 4. Enable Remix For Your Track

Click on the Properties tab, scroll down until the Remix item appears, click on the arrow to drop down the settings.
Adobe Audition Edit Audio Tracks Remix Tool
Click Enable Remix and wait for the program to analyze the track.
Adobe Audition Edit Audio Tracks Remix Tool

Step 5. Edit Target Duration

This allows you to tell the program how short you want your edited track to be. This number is give or take 5 seconds.

We are entering “0:30.000” for a target of thirty seconds. As soon as you type enter or tab, the program will analyze the original audio file, then reduce the track to the desired length. Be sure to play it back so you can sample the work so far.
Adobe Audition Edit Audio Tracks Remix Tool
If you like the result, then you’re already finished and ready to export. However, there are more settings we can manipulate. Zoom into your track by typing = so we can study the edit a little further.

The white, vertical zig-zags indicate where two segments of the original track will transition with a cross-fade. If you move the playback right before the zig-zag and listen carefully, you can hear the transition. These are the areas we will be adjusting with further edits in the Advanced section.
Adobe Audition Edit Audio Tracks Remix Tool

Additional Customizations

The Remix Feature also includes settings that are under the Advanced drop down to further customize your remix. These include:

  • Edit Length
  • Features
  • Minimum Loop
  • Maximum Slack

Here’s a quick explanation of what each of these features does and how you can adjust them.

Edit Length: Dragging the slider between the Short and Long ends determines how long you prefer each segment of the original song to be between transitions.
Adobe Audition Edit Audio Tracks Remix Tool
Dragging it all the way to Short will lead to shorter segments and therefore more zig-zag transitions. Conversely, dragging the slider closer to Long will lengthen each segment and reduce the amount of zig-zag transitions.

See what happens when we drag the slider to Short:
Adobe Audition Edit Audio Tracks Remix Tool
The amount of transitions increased from 1 to 8.

If your original song has many changes in energy or sound throughout, then your remix may sound more natural with shorter segments. If your song is more consistent throughout, it may be beneficial to allow longer segments.

Features: This slider lets you choose on a sliding scale between Timbre and Harmonic.
Adobe Audition Edit Audio Tracks Remix Tool
Sliding towards Timbre will have the program favor rhythmic elements, keeping the beat consistent throughout which can be great for pop songs. Sliding the scale towards Harmonic favors softer, choral elements in the original track; this creates a smoother blend of sounds.

Minimum Loop: This setting creates a minimum number of beats per segment and can be useful if you think that the segments of the original song are being cut too short. This can help prevent transitions that sound unnatural.
Adobe Audition Edit Audio Tracks Remix Tool
Generally speaking, 8 beats is a safe minimum loop for most tracks.

Maximum Slack: Earlier we mentioned that the target duration would be accurate give or take 5 seconds. This where you can edit that amount of “slack.”
Adobe Audition Edit Audio Tracks Remix Tool
If you’re having a tough time getting the exact sound you would prefer, raising the maximum slack can help the algorithms make better edits. Keep in mind that your 30 second target could end up more like 25 or 35 seconds instead.

And that’s it! By experimenting with these features, you can create a remix or audio sample that easily fits within your time limits without slaving for hours over detailed audio edits.

Need some inspiration for your next project? Check out our samples below or our royalty-free library of TEXTauthentic music and loops.


Download this Acoustic Guitar Music


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Download “Sundays”


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