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5 Hottest Audio and Sound Design Trends for 2017

The past year has been a roller coaster in the sound design and film industry, with new technologies and formats changing how we look at the world of audio. Next year, it won’t be slowing down. From virtual reality to the growing theme of authenticity in the stock music industry, these are the five trends that we think will rule the sounds of 2017.


1. Sound Editing for 360 VR and VR Video

The biggest news for the media industry right now has been the breakthrough of virtual reality and 360 degree video into the mainstream. Although tech enthusiasts and media experts have been touting the arrival of immersive, 360 degree media for several years, we’ve recently seen a number of significant milestones. YouTube and Facebook began hosting 360 videos, Adobe Premiere now supports VR editing, and our own sister site—VideoBlocks—announced the arrival of the first ever 360 and 3D stock footage.

Of course, while there’s been a lot of emphasis on what VR means for visual storytelling, these new technologies have also meant a significant change in the way filmmakers, editors, and producers think about sound design in their projects.

We interviewed animator and long-time AudioBlocks member Peter Spence about how VR and 360 degree technologies are changing the world of sound editing. Spence’s biggest takeaway for filmmakers and sound editors is that VR requires a new approach to the storytelling space:

“Creating 360 videos is more like a theater experience than traditional film. To steer the audience, subtle visual trikes have to be used instead of jump cups. The audio has to match that.”

For more about how VR is changing the industry, check out the rest of our interview with Peter Spence.

Cool Sound FX for VR Sound Design
Download this stock audio metal crash sound effect.
Download this stock audio jig saw sound effect.
Download this stock audio fireball whoosh sound effect.


2. Music for YouTube and Mobile

YouTube has revolutionized the way we produce and distribute video, empowering millions of self-made filmmakers and series creators to connect with global audiences, including a brand new generation of video bloggers and YouTube influencers. Although YouTube has been a dominant player in the media industry for years, 2016 saw a number of YouTube celebrities crossing over from the small screen to the big time, with even more breakthroughs expected in 2017.

The stakes and potential opportunities of YouTube success have never been more clear. Popular YouTubers Hannah Hart and Grace Helbig recently starred in the comedy Dirty 30 while Issa Rae, creator of the popular YouTube show Awkward Black Girl, launched her new show Insecure on HBO—which has already gotten a full renewal order for 2017.

Of course, the majority of YouTube producers operate with small or nonexistent budgets, which is why we’ve chosen to highlight the best stock music tracks for YouTube, including awesome intros and outros.

Great Music Tracks for YouTube
Download this midnight city stock music track.
Download this fun guitar with ukulele stock music track.
Download this upbeat and funky good time stock music track.


3. Rebirth of Radio

From Serial and Radiolab to How Did this Get Made? and Startup, podcasts are here to stay and only gaining in popularity. Harkening back to the Golden Age of Radio, this recent re-emergence in audio-only media has highlighted the important role that sound editing plays in effective storytelling.

A podcast’s theme music is essential for branding and setting the scene, and a fitting intro provides either the emotional grip or levity that podcasters rely on when developing an initial rapport with listeners. Podcasts also employ subtler uses of sound, including foley effects and looping tracks that provide listeners with emotional cues. A rhythmic beat can build tension as the plot thickens, or a gentle musical ambience creates a clean segue between segments in a program.

For more on the important role that audio effects and music play in podcast editing, check out our Ultimate Podcast Toolkit.

Impactful Looping Music Tracks for Podcasts
Download this stock audio ambient looping track.
Download this stock audio bass looping track.
Download this stock audio New York house power beat looping track.


4. Blockbuster Spectacle at Indie Scale

The year’s biggest blockbusters pulled no punches, literally or figuratively, when it came to producing loud, bombastic, and dazzling spectacles. Meanwhile, the majority of the films named as likely contenders for the 2017 Academy Awards—Arrival, La La Land, or Hacksaw Ridge, to name just a few—forefront both the psychologically surreal and the spectacular.

Yet not all of these films had large production budgets. Deadpool’s budget was infamously cut by $7M at the last minute, while this year’s favorite for the comedy/musical genre, La La Land, was made for only $30M, a relatively small price tag for a major box office headliner. When producers and sound designers have to tighten their belts, stock audio sound effects and music are often one of the first places they turn.

Discover some of our top cinematic music tracks and epic sound effects, or check out the VideoBlocks Comic Book Toolkit, including explosive action-inspired audio.

Spectacular Stock Audio for Blockbuster Projects
Download this cinematic drums and choir stock music.
Download this Fight for this Planet stock music.
Download this Truly Powerful Force stock music.


5. Authentic Stock Music from Real Artists

Realism and authenticity have been two of the biggest bywords of the last few months, and they’re only gaining steam going into 2017. This has been especially true for the production and advertising industries. In an oversaturated media market, people are inundated with trite and overly cliched stock music. With so much literal noise, it can be hard to capture an audience’s attention and effectively communicate your story or message.

Enter authenticity. Using stock music from real artists and bands with themes that resonate with audiences, filmmakers, storytellers, and marketers all have the opportunity connect at a different level. Stock music that sounds more like something heard on the radio or at a local artists’ showcase, and a lot less like elevator music, is an important way to standout from the crowd. That’s why over the past year we’ve grown our library by hundreds of new or exclusive music tracks and loops from real artists, including music from our Authentic Collection.

Discover more real music from real artists in our Authentic Collection.

Authentic Music with Lyrics for the Real World
Download this Get It Right stock audio music track.
Download this Fete stock audio music track.
Download this The Soundtrack of Our Summer stock audio music track.

Feeling inspired for 2017? Get ready for the new year with the thousands of royalty-free stock music, looping audio, and sound effects in our library—all with unlimited downloads.


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