Look Out Beyonce! Our Surprise EP of Exclusive Music Just Dropped

Look Out Beyonce! Our Surprise EP of Exclusive Music Just Dropped

We took a note from Queen B and just released a massive EP of 700 exclusive tracks! For all of April we’re celebrating our members with Creative Rewards Month, and this week we’re featuring music from our audio library that you can only get at AudioBlocks.

From soulful acoustic strings to heavy electronic beats, you can’t listen to these tracks anywhere else—and they’re all part of our unlimited audio plan. So, without further adieu, we present our latest, hottest surprise EP of exclusive AudioBlocks music.

I’ve Got Those Rock and Roll Blues

If B.B. King and Eric Clapton are your jam, you’ll find the rhythm and bluesy beats you’re looking for in this exclusive production music.

Download this In the Blues Over You production music

That Easy, New Jazz Feeling

If you’re in the mood for easy listening with soulful notes that are just as reminiscent of Frank Sinatra as they are of Michael Bublé or Norah Jones, look no further than this gentle piano theme.

Download this Easy Piano Theme in C-major

Loving that Old-time String Sound

Reminiscent of the Eagles or newer bluegrass-influenced indie rock artists, this track has got it all: acoustic strings with a catchy beat and slight rock edge.

Download this No Surrender exclusive audio

Slow Jam with That Metal Glam

Dub, grunge, garage, metal, punk and glam—each genre is its own branch of alternative rock, but together they rely on progressive chords as an antidote to everyday melodic themes. Break up with boring using this slow jam dub rock exclusive audio.

Download this new dub rock audio track

Our Flow Is Like Ice

Rap artists like Ice Cube, Ice-T, and even Vanilla Ice all needed a smooth rhythmic flow punctuated with a strong beat. Set the pace or ride the beat in your own project with this hypnotic production music.

Download this What’s Up production music

That Beautiful Club Life

Sometimes all that you want is a little Ace of Base, or a little Aqua, or a lot of Chumbawamba. Get your nostalgic europop fix with this exclusive new electronic dance track.

Download this exclusive new Tall Glass production music

I Love The 90s Pop Rock

Want your theme song like your favorite characters on Friends? It’s easy even if you don’t have a soft rock duo like the Rembrandts to compose one for you. We’ll be there for you with this new upbeat rock track.

Download this Travelin Daze production music

Listen to These Heart Beats

We all know those love songs—those torchy pop rock ballads by Bonnie Tyler and Kelly Clarkson that everybody secretly loves but doesn’t want to admit. There’s no shame with our exclusive new music, so why not indulge in a little guilty pleasure?

Download this Leaving Me This Way exclusive audio

Calling Hotline Bling

Every day, hip hop and R&B blur the lines a little bit more with electronica and pop, but one thing remains clear: expertly produced catchy beats are still essential to a successful project. Make sure you capture the right sound with this new hip pop audio track or others like it in our library.

Download this new Golden Beach audio track

Feel So Close (To This Mix)

EDM has never been more pop (or popular) with artists like Calvin Harris and Avicii bringing modern electronic music into the mainstream. Light up the house with this energetic trance-style production music only available on AudioBlocks.

Download this Sally Goes Shopping exclusive audio

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