Sound of the Week: Blast from the Past

Congratulations, you’ve made it to Thursday! Another week is practically in the books. This week we’ve searched through our collection of royalty-free audio tracks and pulled one that tips its hat to music past while keeping us in the present. Be sure to check back next week as we continue our weekly series featuring royalty-free stock music and sound effects that reflect the everyday moments happening all around us.


Download this “Today Music” clip here.

We know—getting older is weird. Songs that feel like they only just came out yesterday are retro hits now. (Cue the nostalgia!) The audio track that we’ve included in this week’s soundtrack blog is special because it reminds us of some of our songs from, well… not too long ago. It pulls from the smooth sounds of Carlos Santana, the pop flavor of TLC, and funky feel of Wyclef Jean. And yet, this track also carries a sense of timelessness with its easygoing vibe. So listen to it, take it in, and enjoy a trip to remember that life isn’t always about looking forward and embrace the past. And visit us next week as we continue our sound of the week series.


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  • bohus

    Loving your weekly series! Great idea to get us all exploring the depths of the collection.

    You know, one “vibe” I’ve been looking for is something along the lines of this clip (without the rap):

    This is the music from Iron Man when they’re on Tony Stark’s luxury jet. I love that it has a vintage brassy part – sort of feels like Las Vegas – and a modern drumbeat under it. Do you think you might have anything along these lines?


      Thanks so much for the suggestion! Glad you’re enjoying the series. We’ll see if we can find something like this!

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