Sound of the Week: We Get Knocked Down, But We Get Up Again

Life doesn’t always happen the way you plan it. As cliche as that sounds, sometimes it’s the ability to redirect and get back on track that brings excitement to an otherwise typical day. These challenges can be as small and insignificant as forgetting your lunch at home—or as critical as not finding the perfect stock music audio track for your project. That’s why this week we’re featuring a soundtrack that parallels your quest to course-correct. Be sure to check back next week as we continue our weekly series featuring royalty-free stock music and sound effects that reflect the everyday moments happening all around us.


Download this Triumphant Classical Piano Music clip here.

Have you ever heard of an eight-step-day? An eight-step-day is a day in which every task you do, even a small one, takes approximately eight steps. For example, during an eight-step-day one might find that the simple task of turning on the TV is not as simple as grabbing the clicker and pressing the power button.

Instead, one of these days may call on you to search for batteries, deal with a lack of cable or a power outage, or deal with a completely broken television set.

These days are not characterized on a scale of good or bad, but rather by tedious tenacity. They’re frustrating and often accompanied by the feeling that the world is against you. Regardless of the circumstances, eight-step-days have the innate ability to throw you off your game and leave you in a state of disarray. That’s why we’ve chose the track above.

This track is perfect for those attempting to overcome a personal battle or experience. Our triumphant classical piano track is a wonderful addition to any stock audio collection. It’s pick-me-up feel sets the tone for your Cinderella story—the time you beat the dreaded eight-step-day monster. So go ahead and capture that “can do” mentality and accomplish whatever you set your mind too—in less than eight steps.


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