Sound of the Week: Spread the Laughter

It’s Thursday, and we’re back with another Sound of the Week. In case you’ve missed it, Sound of the Week is our weekly series where we highlight audio from our sound library. Whether it’s trending music for a YouTube video or sfx for a presentation, we’ve got you covered. This week we’re celebrating the warmer weather that many places are experiencing with the sweet sound of children playing outside.

Download this clip of children running and laughing.
Memorial Day has come and gone, and children are spending warm summer days playing outside while their parents juggle tubes of sunscreen, bags full of snacks, and countless other items that they wish they would have just left at home. Being a parent in the summertime is hard work, and at the end of an already long day outside, you are faced with hungry children, muddy floors, and smelly clothes—but what makes all of this worth it is the joyful laughter that you hear each day.

This sound of children laughing and running is a sound that we’re all familiar with, but we often miss it or ignore it. Laughter is contagious, and if you take the time to stop and listen for just one minute, then you will remember that everything you do is worth it.

Use this sound in your next video or film to spread the joy—even if it goes unnoticed, your audience will be left smiling.


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