Sound of the Week: The Setting Sounds

We’ve done it everyone. Several months ago we set out to provide our users with sounds and soundtracks that reflect the everyday moments happening all around us. Today, we write to inform you that our series is complete. As we sit back and reflect on all the sounds we’ve heard, we assure you that this time will never be forgotten. It brings joy thinking about some of the wonderful tracks we’ve discovered together. Whether it was a track that sets the scene for an amazing slow motion moment, a made-up buzzing sound effect for a silly fidget spinner, throwback TLC-like sample, or a song strictly dedicated to Hot Pizza Time, we’ve been to some fantastic places.


Download “the lover” audio clip here.


Download this “Insect Buzzing Sound effect” here.


Download this “Today Music” clip here.


Download “Hot Pizza” audio clip here.

With all these tracks in mind, we’ve gone ahead and pulled each just for you. Be sure to click through and re-experience some of the royalty-free music and sound effects we experienced together. Be sure to let us know which you like best, and which you thought were way to silly for this series.

We’ve love all the feedback you’ve provided to us, and we hope that whatever our next sound based adventure is, you will be there to join us. Thank you for making this series great!


Relive Our Adventure


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