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11 Essential Tutorials for Editing Sound in Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro

Film and video are primarily a visual medium, but if your project has sound, the quality of that audio is essential to its success. Great sound will elevate a project whereas poor sound will lower the overall quality of the video with otherwise great visuals. Devoting as much time to the audio in your Adobe Premiere Pro project as you are to the visuals will only help your project in the long run.

Adobe recognizes the importance of good audio quality enough to have an entirely separate program just for sound editing called Audition—but for those who aren’t experienced with Audition or more sophisticated sound editing in general, there are plenty of simple and effective ways to work with audio right in Adobe Premiere Pro, keeping your project files all in one place. That’s why we’ve rounded up these 11 simple tutorials to create a primer for editing the sound in your project without having to use multiple programs to do so. Whether you’re adjusting levels in your own music or the royalty-free music you’ve downloaded from our library, syncing a sound effect with a visual, or editing recorded dialogue in an interview, the videos below show you how it’s done and make your project the best it can be—all while never leaving your workflow in Premiere Pro.


1. How to Adjust Volume Levels


2. How to Remove Background Noise


3. How to Fade Out Audio


4. How to Add Sound Effects


5. How to Add Background Music


6. How to Edit an Interview w/ External Audio Track


7. How to Sync Audio and Video


8. How to Separate Audio Channels


9. How to Remove Audio


10. How to Blend and Crossfade Audio


11. How to Work with the Audio Clip Mixer

If this is your first time using Adobe Premiere Pro, you may want to check out both their Beginner’s Guide as well as our own Keyboard Shortcuts Guide to help you get started. Looking for some audio files to use while following along with the tutorials? Check our our library of stock music to put the perfect polish on your project.


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