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Dealing with Content ID Claims on Copyright-Free FaceBook and Instagram Videos

While YouTube is still the go–to site for hosting online videos to a wide audience, self–starting entrepreneurs and large companies alike are increasingly posting their videos directly to Facebook and Instagram. And why not? Videos shared through Facebook and Instagram have the potential to go viral overnight—and Facebook’s own news feed prioritizes videos hosted on its own platform versus YouTube or other video sharing sites. So if you’re trying to get your brand, product, or voice out there, it’s important to consider more than just YouTube for your videos.

Of course, while working with new platforms means more audiences and potential viewers for your project, it also means there’s the chance for even more red tape—and one of the biggest holdups a content creator can hit is a content ID claim. This can be a confusing process for many, especially if you’ve done everything by the book and used copyright–free music for your project. That’s why we’re here to help demystify what dealing with a content ID claim on Facebook or Instagram means for you—and what you can do to address it.

At AudioBlocks, we’re committed to helping our customers keep false copyright claims at bay. We’ve discussed in the past why YouTube claims happen and how we can help. The information we need the most when disputing a YouTube claim is the claimant, or person/company making the claim. This helps us contact them directly to get the claim removed—this is often a more expedient process than disputing the claim yourself and will not result in copyright strikes.

With Facebook and Instagram, it’s a little different. In the past, these platforms never used to provide claimant information to you when notifying you of the copyright claim. They would either just let you know a claim was made or simply remove your video altogether. Now, they have a process akin to YouTube that allows you to file a counter–notice right through the original notice. This gets sent directly to the claimant, who then determines whether or not to release the claim.

So what does this mean for you? If you receive a copyright notice on your Facebook or Instagram video using copyright–free music from AudioBlocks, follow these three steps:


  1. File a counter–notice through the platform

  3. Include a copy of your Royalty–Free License Agreement, including your contact information at the top (you can download this from your Member Dashboard).

  5. Include a link to the disputed track from our library.

This should suffice in getting the copyright claim removed and you can re–upload your video if Facebook or Instagram doesn’t reinstate it themselves. Should the counter–notice be rejected, contact us using the link below and tell us who’s making the copyright claim. We’ll then reach out directly.

While copyright claims play a big role in making sure artists are paid fairly for use of their art contained in third–party videos, it still doesn’t take into account licensing or fair use. Until a better system is in place, we’ll keep working on your behalf to make sure you’re able to use our content that you’re licensed to under the agreement that comes with your subscription.

Have any further questions about copyright claims? Reach out to our customer support team—or let us know if filing a counter–notice in the past has worked for you.


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