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How To Use Audio For Your Business

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While many would claim the written word is the easiest and most economic way to sell a product or business online, many more would question whether it is the most effective. According to research most people only read about 50% or less of a web page. In today’s technological world a podcast is far more likely to hold someone’s attention. Not only can people continue to listen as they surf elsewhere, but if done well – catchy music, appropriate sound effects, a clear, sincere voice – a podcast is a far more personable way to sell your business.

How to Create a Podcast

All you need to create a podcast is a microphone, a mixer, a sound card and audio software. You can use a cheap microphone, but like most cheap things it may not produce the best quality. A reasonably priced but professional recommendation is the Shure SM-58. If you are thinking of mixing multiple inputs you will need a mixer. Most mixers, even the smaller ones, come with four inputs. Your computer will already have a sound card on which you can record the podcast; you will just have to decide whether it produces a good enough quality for your needs. If not, you can easily purchase a new and better one online or at a nearby store. To make adjustments to your recording you will need audio software. For this you can either spend hundreds of dollars on a program or use Audacity software for free. If you are recording a one-off podcast, Audacity should suit you fine.

How to Create Your Podcast

Whether you are a technological wizard or not, recording a podcast can be a daunting task for the beginner. Most tutorials – you will find a good number online – will identify the essential steps as planning, producing, publishing and promoting. The promoting side is only really relevant if you are thinking of creating an ongoing podcast. The most important step is the planning. Once you are familiar with your equipment you will need to organize exactly what you will say, how you will say it and whether you will want to use such extras as production music and sound effects. You can find thousands of royalty-free production music tracks and sound effects at Audacity and other audio software will usually come with comprehensive tutorials on how to produce and publish your work.

Advantages of a Podcast

The advantages of a podcast are so numerous you will soon be scolding yourself for not biting the bullet and using one earlier. People are far more likely to listen to a whole podcast than they are to read through a whole webpage. In addition, a podcast is not some content bashed out by some hack writer somewhere in cyberspace. This is you personally and directly addressing your customers.  As American businessman Mark Cuban states “All good businesses are personal. The best businesses are very personal.”

virtual social network structure diagram


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