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25 Orchestral Music Tracks for Big Screen Magic

“Music and film are parallel experiences: they are linear, they are narrative.”
—Todd Haynes

As savvy filmmakers and sound designers, we know that music sets the emotion of a film. It can enhance the viewing experience or detract from it. It forges relationships and builds empathy. Yes—music is critical. But finding and selecting music that fits our project and vision can be a painful trial-and-error process. That’s why we’ve gone ahead and narrowed the search.

Whether you’re looking for an epic action-packed music track or need a silly blooper reel, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for with our collection of 25 of our favorite stock music tracks for your action, comedy, drama or horror film.


Action Movie Music Tracks

Get their heart racing as your characters soar through the sky or escape an evil villain with these music tracks. We can’t imagine an action scene without epic music, and now your audience won’t either. Grab one or two of these tracks for your next film!

1. Epic Cinematic Action Film Music

Download this epic cinematic action film music.

2. Action Movie Music Score

Download this action movie music score.

3. Epic Battle and War Music

Download this epic battle and war music.

4. Fight For This Planet

Download this fight for this planet music.

5. Dramatic Thriller Chase Build Up

Download this dramatic thriller chase build up music.

6. Epic Apocalypse Music

Download this epic apocalypse music theme music.


Comedy and Kids Genre Music

Side-splitting jokes. Slapstick adventures. Killer one-liners. Put the finishing touches on your comedy or light-hearted kid’s flick with these perfectly tuned music tracks.

7. Vaudeville Blooper Reel

Download this vaudeville blooper reel music.

8. It’s Disney Time

Download this disney time music track.

9. Ukulele and Sleigh Bells

Download this ukulele and sleigh bells music.

10. Happy Camper Music

Download this happy camper stock music.

11. Black Bottom Skid

Download this black bottom skid music track.

12. Cartoon Magic Sequence

Download this cartoon magic sequence.


Drama Music Tracks

Schindler’s List, Titanic and The Revenant have two things in common. One, they’re Oscar award winning films and two, they have amazing soundtracks. Set the stage for your drama with these theatrical music tracks and who knows? You just might find yourself on the red carpet.

13. When Bats Fly Drama Track

Download this when bats fly music.

14. The Grand Affair Music

Download this grand affair music.

15. Poet’s Heart

Download this poet’s heart music.

16. Make it Happen

Download this make it happen music.

17. Heavenly Devilish

Download this heavenly devilish music.

18. The Gift

Download this the gift music track.

19. A Classical Romance

Download this classical romance music.

20. Sad Departure

Download this sad departure music.


Thriller and Horror Music Tracks

Give your audience goosebumps or set them up for a suspenseful thriller with these scary music tracks. From fantastic drum beats to spooky serial killer orchestral melodies, try these tracks out for your next horror or thriller.

21. Cinematic Drums

Download this cinematic drums music.

22. On the Killers Trail

Download this on the killers trail music.

23. One Hell of a Scary Night

Download this one hell of a scary night music.

24. Danger Fear Strings Stinger

Download this danger fear strings stinger music.

25. Chased by the Devil

Download this chased by the devil music.

Need more music tracks to choose from? Never fear—we have thousands of royalty-free stock music tracks for a variety of film genres just waiting to take a starring role in your next picture. What are you waiting for?


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