Hollywood Blockbuster SFX

Using Sound Effects in Your Own Hollywood Blockbuster

So you’ve planned and filmed your ‘Hollywood blockbuster.’ You’ve slaved for hours on Adobe Premiere to edit it down to a digestible piece of entertainment. Yet still it lacks that Hollywood stamp. That creepy or inspirational music. That slow creaking door – strange enough to sound supernatural yet real enough to be scary.  For that extra professional touch you will need some quality sound effects.

Hollywood Blockbuster SFX

Where Can I Get Sound Effects?

Remember those kids television programs where the presenter would try to recreate sound effects using household objects? Well as fun as that was, compared to what you can do on AudioBlocks.com it really is just child’s play. Not only can you download high quality sounds at the click of a button, but from sci-fi to horror, from computers to casinos there are thousands of sounds to choose from.

What Can You Do With Sound Effects?

Just imagine the following scenario. On a dark and stormy night, a man is at his computer desk typing out a letter when suddenly the wind blows open the door of his hut.  Angrily he slams down his computer mouse, pushes back his chair, walks heavily across the wooden floor and shuts the door again.  While the wind is no longer blowing through the room, the man can now hear the sound of heavy breathing. Someone has entered the room. Every one of these sound effects is achievable on AudioBlocks.

How Can I Add Sound Effects to My Film?

Sign up for an AudioBlocks free 7 day trial and start choosing your sound effects. Either add them to an album or download them individually as MP3 or WAV files.  If you want to manipulate the effects further you can do so on a professional audio program such as ProTools. From there you can add the sounds to the program you are using to edit your Hollywood blockbuster.

What Next?

After that it is up to you. Post the film on YouTube, send it into a festival, arrange a private viewing among your friends. Whatever you decide, if you have used the sound effects appropriately you will almost certainly find an appreciative audience.

Need some sound effects for your next Hollywood Blockbuster? Click here for a free 7 day trial of AudioBlocks.com. 


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