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Striking Comedy Gold—15 Hilarious Sound Effects That Get Laughs Every Time

There’s a reason films are no longer silent today. Sound—and especially sound effects—elevate any film or video project, creating depth and dimension to the work. Sound effects play a vital role in creating the tone and mood for projects, and. the wrong sound effect can completely ruin a scene.



But it’s important to remember that the perfect sound effect can also accentuate important moments in a project, such as emphasizing comedic moments. Even in the early days of Chaplin or Laurel and Hardy, audience’s laughed just a little bit louder when slapstick moments were accompanied by a “sad trombone” or other comical effect. Though our humor may have evolved a bit since the early days of the silent screen, sound effects are still key to accentuating humor. That why we collected the funniest stock sound effects that are guaranteed to make your video projects worthy of Judd Apatow’s approval.


1. Pumping Up the Party

Who’s ready to party? This guy definitely is! Break the tension or set the mood with funny, comical dialogue.


2. Crash Landing

A person falling or tripping is classic comedic gold. Make sure you have the right track to back this essential comedic element for your project.


3. Everyone Needs a Cheerleader

The lack of enthusiasm here is staggering—but it’s also hilariously ironic for that very reason. Use this pathetic cheer to emphasize any ironic scene in your work.


4. Not so Scary Ghost Noises

Even horror films call for at least one comedic moment. This friendly “boo” can remain classified in the scary genre but can also elicit a good laugh when compared to an actual thriller.


5. Unneccesary Comments

Not sure what dancing dingle dwarfs are? We’re not too clear either. However, there is nothing like a confusing amalgamation of words for perfect comedy relief.


6. Indistinguishable Laughter

We’re still not positive whether this constitutes as a laugh, but weird noises are definitely hilarious. Use this sound effect to ensure a priceless scene.


7. Wacky Sound Effects

A zip, wham, whoosh, or kaboom sound effect can help create comedic elements for any video or movie.


8. The Not-So Scary Villian

The bad guys never win, so at least let them be funny—even if they’re desperately trying to be evil.


9. A Good Morning Greeting

Random commentary in a creepy voice used at the right moment is always, always hilarious.


10. Baby Talk

A return to infancy and our once childish ways is a great comedic escape. Doop pa doo might not mean anything, but everyone knows it is funny.


11. Please Chew With Your Mouth Closed

Gross behavior can still be a form of comedy. So why not go all out and add the perfect chewing noises to accompany an already gross scene?


12. Honk, Honk!

An outrageous noise—or honk specifically—is guaranteed to grab your attention and make a scene comical in an old school, Vaudeville-esque sort of way.


13. This Must Be Urgent

The way this guy is saying this, it must be important. Exaggeration of any sorts is always funny, but yelling and screaming makes it at least ten times funnier.


14. Funny Trombone

If you are at a loss for sound effects to add to your comedy project, just rely on the trombone. From the early days of film, trombone sound effects were used to accentuate each humorous moment—just think of all those old Chaplin films!


15. More Random Words

Despite the indistinguishable, this person is definitely happy, excited, scared—or possibly all of the above. Crazy cheers and exclamations can be a great, slightly ludicrous way to entertain the viewer.

Random and bizarre, these hilarious stock sound effects can be used for any comedic purpose. There is nothing worse than a joke falling short, so incorporate these stock sound effects to get the right laughs.


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