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20 Intro Tracks to Hook Your Audience for Great Advertising

Whether you’re working on a television ad or digital pre-roll, there’s only a small window of opportunity during an advertisement to grab your audience’s attention before they look away or hit “mute.” The best way to keep wandering eyes focused is to go after their ears with perfectly picked royalty-free stock music. That’s why we’ve rounded up 10 of our best audio tracks for great advertising.

Setting the right mood for your ad can really take it to the next level, inspiring your audience to emotionally connect with your message and brand. For instance, as toy manufacturers and fast food companies alike have realized, well-timed, up-tempo music can give anyone the warm and fuzzies—perfect for selling many products. Meanwhile, for other brands there are other important emotions that can be paired with their messaging: excitement, relaxation, hope, and sentimentality are all important emotional levers for great advertising.

The mood you pick for your ads will depend on your target audience and the story you’re telling. Luckily, finding music to match those moods isn’t hard. Our audio library lets you search for music tracks by “mood,” which can help you find the perfect way to reach your desired audience—from epic to playful, we’ve got it all.



Tugging at a viewer’s heartstrings is one of the best ways to make your commercial memorable. In one unforgettable Chevy 2014 commercial, the car company used music to move us. We watched the woman, her dog, and her Chevy go through the ups and downs of life. The musical track in the ad followed the subjects beautifully while supporting the ad’s objective and hooking the viewer.

These four tracks will make your viewers reach for the tissue box while they watch your ad.
1. Warm Hearts

Download this heartwarming track.
2. Just Me and My Thoughts

Download this thoughtful track.
3. Sentimental Piano

Download this sentimental piano track.
4. From this Moment

Download this momentous track.



Giving your viewer a goal to obtain or a lifestyle to aspire to is a great way to draw in viewers. Tourism Australia used inspirational tracks to inspire travelers’ wanderlust. The music enhanced the stunning scenery and encourages the viewer to “stay forever” in beautiful Australia.The music helped create the idea that the viewer can and should experience all the beauty and wonder the country has to offer.

Check out these four tracks found under “Inspiring” and see what you can be inspired to create.
1. Such a Great Day

Download this uplifting track.
2. Swing that Jazz Stick

Download this jazzy track.
3. Prestige Design

Download this prestigious track.
4. Road to Success

Download this success-inspiring track.



Intense, heart-pounding music catches the attention and curiosity of nearby viewers. In a 2015 Audi commercial; the viewer was immediately invested in the outcome of the story as the powerful music drew them in. Teaming up with the movie World War Z, Audi invoked a sense of urgency through the sounds of an orchestra. Starting off slowly at first—but building as the ad goes on—both the zombie situation and the music increased with intensity.

Find tracks perfectly suited for a dystopian future under the Aggressive mood on Audioblocks.
1. Hot on the Dance Floor

Download this hot track.
2. Hot on the Dance Floor

Download this dramatic chase track.
3. Hot on the Dance Floor

Download this epic apocalypse track.
4. Hot on the Dance Floor

Download this winter music track.


Playful or Silly

This Huggies Little Movers diapers commercial is light, easy, and fun. Showing happy, giggling babies and serene mothers, Huggies used a cheery, up-tempo melody to accompany the bustling bundles of joy. Any parents watching can connect their own lives to the ad and envision themselves using the product. The incredibly happy and simple music brings out the joys of watching children grow.

Use the following tracks to highlight the joy and whimsy of your commercial.
1. Little Scoundrel

Download this little scoundrel track.
2. Sea Breeze Loop

Download this relaxing sea breeze track.
3. Razzberry Charade

Download this silly charade track.
4. Hide and Seek

Download this playful hide and seek track.



Kick back with tracks found while searching under “Relaxing” on Audioblocks. Sounds from nature or the dulcet tones of a gentle strumming harp can bring the viewer into a state of pure calm. This ad for SkinPhd surrounds viewers with the feeling of luxury and calm from the very first opening note. The piano is powerful yet calm, and the track highlights the tranquil colors and images of the product.

Help your commercial find its Zen with these chilled-out tracks.
1. Chill Moments Funk

Download this chill track.
2. Nature Whisper

Download this nature whispers track.
3. Dreamland

Download this nature dreamy track.
4. Deep Chill

Download this nature deep chill track.


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