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20 Sound Clips for Presentations

Business presentations give you an opportunity to display skills you don’t normally have a chance to show off. Whether you’re hoping to pump up team morale, want to highlight important statistical data, or need to break a big company change to your staff, a business presentation is the perfect way to do so. What’s the first step to nailing your presentation? Gathering the right tools, of course.

For example, no presentation is complete without high-quality sound clips. The right audio clip can set an exciting tone for your audience, let them know what type of information you’ll be presenting, and pique their interest. AudioBlocks offers a library full of the perfect sound clips for your next presentation. Start putting together your next business presentation and download these top 20 sound clips.


Inspirational Presentation Sound Clips

Inspire your audience and spruce up somewhat boring analytical information by adding inspirational sound clips to your presentation. To add the perfect tune for your graphics presentation or an uplifting audio clip to set the stage for an engaging presentation, these five audio clips should fit the bill.

1. Graphic Presentation

Download this graphic presentation audio clip.

2. Uplifting Acoustic

Download this uplifting acoustic audio clip.

3. Business Freedom

Download this business freedom audio clip.

4. Motivational Event

Download this motivational event audio clip.

5. Hope Music
Download this hope music audio clip.


Corporate Presentation Sound Clips

Are you presenting to a group of corporate financiers? Don’t fret! A well polished presentation can knock them off their feet and get you noticed. Add appropriately themed audio clips in the right places to highlight important points or to suck your audience in from the get-go. Use these clips to get the job done right.

6. Corporate Man Nails Presentation
Download this corporate man nails presentation audio clip.

7. CorproTron Music
Download this CorproTron audio clip.

8. Business Model
Download this Business Model audio clip.

9. Growing Business

Download this Growing Business audio clip.

10. Business Success Underscore

Download this business success underscore audio clip.


Epic Presentation Music

Show your co-workers you’re serious about making the most of your presentation with epic presentation music. Don’t let your audience have a chance to get bored by mixing in high-quality audio clips at your presentation’s best spots. Consider a few of our favorite epic sound clips below.

11. Serious Business
Download serious business music clip.

12. New Business Venture
Download this new business venture music clip.

13. Presentation
Download this presentation music clip.

14. Now’s the Time
Download this now is the time exciting music clip.

15. Butterfly
Download this butterfly music clip.


Presentation Music for Company Changes

Maybe you have news to share with your company. Whether you want to announce you’re opening up 100 new corporate offices or your IPO, these exciting audio clips will help you break your news with grace and excitement.

16. Zeitgeist
Download this Zeitgeist music clip.

17. Bright New Shiny Day

Download this Bright New Shiny Day music clip.

18. Corporate Influence
Download this corporate influence music clip.

19. Internal
Download this internal music clip.

20. Now Introducing
Download this now introducing exciting music clip.

Need more sound clip options for your next business presentation? Head on over to the AudioBlocks library for thousands of downloadable audio clips to add to your collection.


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