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20 Stock Music Tracks Without the Cheese: Stock Music That Isn’t “Stock-y”

When we talk with our members, one of the number one comments we hear is how important discovering the right stock music can be for a project. Deciding on the perfect tone, beat, and sound can be both an inspiring and involved process, especially when searching for music that’s fresh and distinctive.

It’s no surprise, then, that one of the top Google’d questions for stock music this year is “how to find stock music that isn’t cheesy?” Not to worry—we’ve curated 20 of the coolest, freshest, most original music tracks in our library to help you out.


New Music with Lyrics

Stock music with lyrics can be one of the hardest categories to find tracks in that don’t sound underwhelmingly generic or canned, especially once you start to pay attention to the lyrics. Luckily, we’ve been adding new music to our library from up and coming artists—with song lyrics that are both catchy and authentic, these tracks sound like they belong on their own Spotify playlists.
1. Life Is a Cycle

Download this Life is a Cycle music with lyrics track.
2. F*RNR

Download this F*RNR music with lyrics track.
3. Things That I’ll Keep

Download this Things That I’ll Keep music with lyrics track.
4. Confrontation

Download this Confrontation music with lyrics track.
5. Little Things

Download this Little Things music with lyrics track.


AudioBlocks Exclusive Music

Over the past year we’ve added hundreds of new and exclusive music tracks to our library that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. With attention grabbing beats and inspiring themes, these songs are originals composed specifically for our library and our members.
6. Overdraft

Download this Overdraft exclusive music track.
7. Sally Goes Shopping

Download this Sally Goes Shopping exclusive music track.
8. No Surrender

Download this No Surrender exclusive music track.
9. Sun is Shining

Download this Sun is Shining exclusive music track.
10. Tick Tock

Download this Tick Tock exclusive music track.


Dramatic Production Music

Year after year, one of the most popular categories in our library is dramatic production music—with thousands of searches just for “cinematic” or “epic” audio tracks. While there are a lot of great cinematic tracks out there, we found that these songs stand out from the crowd for both their climatic impact and freshness.
11. Spring to Life

Download this Spring to Life production music.
12. Epic Contest

Download this Epic Contest production music.
13. Dramatic Cinematic Underscore

Download this Dramatic Cinematic Underscore production music.
14. An Age Epic

Download this An Age Epic production music.
15. Desert Stalkers

Download this Desert Stalkers dramatic production music.


Indie Rock and Acoustic Music

These days it seems like for many people authentic or “un-cheesy” music is synonymous with the indie influenced alternative rock and acoustic, folk-inspired musical genres—in short, “hipster music.” And while to some this might seem like a cliche in it its own right, we’d be remiss if we didn’t include a few tracks from these popular categories.
16. Acoustic Guitar Jam

Download this Acoustic Guitar Jam music track.
17. Indie Rock with Dramatic Opening

Download this Indie Rock with Dramatic Opening music track.
18. Alabama Rock

Download this Alabama Rock music track.
19. Acoustic Loop 25

Download this Acoustic Loop 25 music track.
20. Beautiful Swirling Acoustic Guitar

Download this Beautiful Swirling Acoustic Guitar music track.

Ready to start creating? Download all 20 and more from our royalty-free library of stock audio, including unlimited downloads of music, audio loops, and sound effects.


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