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Top 20 Acoustic Tracks to Inspire Creativity

Most of us know what it feels like to be “in the zone,” but getting to that headspace can be difficult. It doesn’t help when it feels like the ambient noise is turned up to 11 or your coworkers are buzzing around in a frenzy. In times like those, soothing acoustic melodies can calm your mind and get those creative juices flowing. Here’s where stock music comes in.

Our selection of stock acoustic tracks is perfect for when you need to tune out the world and tune into your work. With melodies ranging from soaring to peppy, our acoustic music will get those ideas flowing in no time (and for less money than a Spotify subscription).

We know that life is busy enough already, so check out this curated playlist of our top 20 acoustic tracks. For quality assurance, we test-drove the playlist while writing this post. In all honesty, we say 10/10 would recommend.


1. Acoustic Guitar and Mandolin Pop Music

Download this Acoustic Guitar and Mandolin track.

2. Acoustic Hip Hop

Download this Acoustic Hip Hop track.

3. Acoustic Guitar Jam

Download this Acoustic Guitar Jam.

4. Cool Acoustic Rock

Download this Cool Acoustic Rock track.

5. 80’s Smooth Acoustic Rock

Download this 80’s Smooth Acoustic Rock track.

6. Beautiful Swirling Acoustic Guitar Background Music

Download this Swirling Acoustic Guitar track.

7. Acoustic Blues

Download this Acoustic Blues track.

8. Life’s Lessons

Download this Life’s Lessons track.

9. Good People

Download this Good People track.

10. Laugh a Little

Download this Laugh a Little track.

11. Rainbows All Around

Download this Rainbows All Around track.

12. So Long (Instrumental)

Download this So Long instrumental track.

13. Free Form Jazz

Download this Free Form Jazz track.

14. Funk for Free

Download this Funk track.

15. Not the Blues (Instrumental)

Download this Not the Blues track.

16. Emotions

Download this Emotions track.

17. Romantic Story

Download this Romantic Story track.

18. Love Your Mom

Download this Love Your Mom track.

19. Clouds

Download this Clouds track.

20. Picking Daisies

Download this Picking Daisies track.

Not sure which one you want to listen to first? Download them all with your AudioBlocks subscription—or discover more acoustic tracks in our library, including our new Creator to Creator collection.


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