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Bam! Pow! 20 Royalty-Free Sound Effects Inspired by Comic Books

Comics have been exploding, quite literally, on television and movies for more than a decade. With colorful panels and straightforward dialogue in such high demand, projects that call for comic book sounds are more popular than ever. The genre has it all: horror, superheroes, villians, explosions, sci-fi, war stories—basically anything and everything that makes for an exciting story.

To dazzle your audience and hook them into your comic-based video project or clever new podcast, you need the right sounds to set the stage. Our audio library of royalty-free sound effects can make you feel like you’re Captain America’s right-hand man or woman. We compiled this list of 20 amazing royalty-free sound effects that will give your video or podcast the comic book feel you’re searching for.

20. Exploding Building
This crashing, glass-breaking effect will blow away your audience.

Download this destructive sounding effect

19. Cannon Shot
The distant sound of heavy artillery can have a dramatic effect.

Download this Civil War-style cannon effect

18. Keyboard Clacking
Make your characters sound like they’re typing frantically to break a secret code with this super cool sound effect.

Download this typing effect

17. Old School Static
Do your characters have a penchant for CB radio or walkie-talkie communication? If so, you’ll love this sound effect.

Download this static-y effect

16. The Aliens Are Coming
What does space sound like? Perhaps a creepy humming that underscores a dramatic, otherworldly reveal.

Download this deep space effect

15. Otherworldly Kid Voice
Speaking of creepy, this haunting voice could be from a horror comic or freaky space movie.

Download this haunting effect

14. Drone Surveillance
Check out this high-pitched buzz that sounds like a futuristic flying machine searching for its target.

Download this robotic effect

13. Aliens from the Twilight Zone
With an old school 1960s TV feel, this UFO sound can make you think of a flying disc touching down in an empty field.

Download this alien effect

12. Machine Gun Fire
Working on a military-style project? This quick rat-a-tat-tat will be of service.

Download this machine gun effect

11. Double Shot
Two shots from a .45 caliber is a nice touch for a comic book detective or cop show—or even a caped crusader.

Download this bang-bang effect

10. Intense Fire
This sound is perfect for a heavy gunfight between 3 shooters in an action sequence.

Download this firefight effect

9. Beat It—the Cops Are Coming!
With the fuzz on their way, it’s time for criminals to hit the road!

Download this cop siren effect

8. On the Horn
This clip features two cops going back and forth over the radio—perfect for a thriller or noir backdrop.

Download this walkie-talkie effect

7. Get Down On The Ground!
Cops get their guy in this short clip, which is another solid addition for any crime fighting story.

Download this cop shouting effect

6. Punch-Out
A super-quick hit to the face works as the perfect effort for realistic hand-to-hand combat or for maxed-out, supercharged action scenes between your heroes and master villains.

Download this punchy effect

5. Bar Room Fight
Brawling outside after a few too many drinks, or the perfect ambient noise for an action-packed fight scene?

Download this tipsy, punchy effect

4. Villainous Hilarity
An evil laugh to rival all evil laughs—after all, it’s not a comic book project unless there’s a super villain lying in wait.

Download this creeping effect

3. Cartoon Bounce
A silly “boing” bounce sound effect perfect for any cartoon comic or humor moment.

Download this toon effect

2. Running in Circles
This cartoon chase music is hilariously perfect—think Scooby Doo or the original Adam West Batman TV show.

Download this chase effect

1. Off the Cliff
Make your listeners ‘fall’ for your work with this clever Wile E. Coyote-style falling sound effect.

Download this falling effect

Looking for more comic book style sound effects? Check out the Comic Book Toolkit from our sister site VideoBlocks for a complete rundown of how to use stock footage, graphics, and audio clips to create the best superhero themed content. Or check out our royalty-free sound effects library.


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