Creator’s Picks: Rachel’s Top 5

Here is our third and final installment of our”Creator’s Picks” launch series. Rachel has graced us with her audio style by choosing her top five favorite tracks from Let’s check them out:

1. Chasing Cats

This track rival’s Adam’s cat themed music choice. We love the peppy synth in this one, though.

2. Sunrise Without You

This piece is soulful and sentimental. The notes paint a beautiful picture of love and remembrance.

3. Lonely Crossing

This “lonely” song has some serious romantic passion behind it. Slightly edgy and latin, this is a unique song that will captivate your ears.

4. Zero Velocity Music

The perfect tune to accompany you on a space odyssey.

5. Slick With The Blade

A little druggy, a little angsty…total perfection.   Want these songs in your library? Click here to sign up for a seven day free trial of AudioBlocks! 

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