Creator’s Picks: Zach’s Top 5 Songs

We have three amazing content curators that have scoured the stock music community this past year, acquiring only the best production music to upload to Their names are Zach, Adam and Rachel, and they all deserve a round of applause. We’ve asked all three of them to share their top five favorite songs on Today we’re sharing Zach’s Top 5. We hope it inspires you to go find some favorites of your own! 

1. Hasty Boy

This funky little lick will get you in the 60s vibe!

2. Huzzabuzza Music

This feels like the perfect intro to a 70s sitcom about a crime fighting pair of unlikely best friends.

3. Slappin Music

No, we’re not slappin’ the bass here…this smooth piano song is sure to ease your mind and please your ears.

4. No Work On The Weekend-Alternative Mix 

Party time! This song reminds us of some great 90s skateboard montages. Brink!, anyone?

5. Play It Forward

This song is just fantastic. That’s all.   Ready to make these great tracks and 100,000 more your own? Head over to to sign up! And make sure to check back tomorrow for Adam’s Top 5 Songs!

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