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Get Pumped: Artists Can’t Get Enough of These Inspirational Tracks

Music is essential for creating the right atmosphere, and it can even help set the mood for any of your video projects—which is why in our royalty-free stock music library you can “search by mood” to find that perfect emotional score. Two of our most popular stock music moods trending in our library are inspirational and uplifting—that’s why we’ve curated our top 20 favorite songs for these categories.
Tracks in these emotional genres are perfect for instilling positive and energizing feelings, which in turn helps draw in audiences. Whether your project is a commercial with a motivating call to action or a visual narrative with strong emotional overtones, we’ve got the perfect inspiration for you.

20. Manchester Metal
This tune is both edgy and emotional, making you want to scream and rock on!

Download this rocking audio track.

19. Paradise in Poland
Find paradise right here with this hopeful electronic tune.

Download this electronic audio track.

18. RIP Rich Black
Heavy percussion makes for this awesome vibrant and upbeat song.

Download this percussive beat.

17. Action Sports
This is the ideal dynamic electronic score for any energetic action scene.

Download this action-packed jam.

16. Barn Music
A little rhythmic country can also perfectly set the inspirational mood.

Download this country music audio track.

15. Electronic Blip Music
Need a little groove to cheer up your project? Check out this funky tune.

Download this funky audio track.

14. Warm Piano Ballad
Prepare to feel emotional yet uplifted with this heartwarming piece.

Download this emotional audio track.

13. Free As A Bird
Fly away to your happy place will listening to this optimistic beat.

Download this beautiful melody.

12. Bright Bright Sunshine
Your day will become a lot sunnier with this tune in the background of your latest project.

Download this playful tune.

11. Business Freedom
Use this cheerful melody to build confidence anywhere.

Download this confidence building audio track.

10. Melodic Acoustic Advert
Chose a calming tune that will provide the same sense of inspiration and wonder.

Download this calming audio track.

9. Happy Ukulele Loop
There is nothing like the sound the ukulele to turn your mood around.

Download this happy audio track.

8. Dreams Become Real
This playful and comedic tune is great for motivating transitions.

Download this comedic track.

7. Uplifting Acoustic
Grab your guitars and strum to a happy day with this tune.

Download this inspiring acoustic track.

6. Triumphant Classical Piano
There is nothing like the sound of a piano to uplift your spirits.

Download this uplifting piano audio track.

5. Top of the World
Reach the highest mountain top with this in the background as your inspiration.

Download this epic audio track.

4. Live the Moment
A melody like this will make you drop everything and experience the now.

Download this adventure-seeking audio track.

3. You Can Reach Your Goals
This piece will give you the confidence you need to be your best.

Download this confidence-boosting melody.

2. Sunny Day
A lighthearted and uplifting piece that is guaranteed to put a little pep in your step.

Download this lighthearted audio track.

1. Time to Turn Things Around
This optimistic pop punk piece will be the perfect tune for the climax of any video project.

Download this catchy audio track.

Don’t feel fully inspired yet? Search through our stock music to find the perfect uplifting score for your next video project.

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