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Sound of the Week: Inspire with Music

It’s Thursday again, and that means we have another edition of our Sound of the Week series, where we highlight stock music and sound clips from our audio library. While summer doesn’t officially start for a couple more weeks, most of us have already experienced a few of the oh-so-sweet, warm summer days we’ve been craving after the harsh cold of winter. Sunshine, rising temperatures, flowers, and foliage all provide the perfect backdrop for a season of inspiration—especially once you add some beachy tunes! This week’s Sound of the Week is a sweet summer song that will transport you to the seashore or the countryside and provide the perfect melody for a creative adventure.

Download this summer song.
We love this music clip because it is extremely versatile—it’s the perfect track to whisk you off into your own little world. Inspire wanderlust, summer love, or a new creative project with this joyful melody. If you’re looking for more music and loops like this one, explore our curated Creator to Creator Collection—it’s filled with 200 tracks that reflect community and creativity, so you can keep your inspiration going all summer long.


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