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Now in Theaters: 30 Music Tracks to Make Movie Trailers Sizzle

From action-packed blockbusters like Star Wars: Rogue One to this year’s trending Oscar hopefuls, ‘tis the season for powerful and poignant cinematic trailers. Whether your project promises big screen action, memorable characters, or powerful drama, captivate your audiences with our top 30 royalty-free stock music tracks for cinematic trailers. We’ve carefully curated these tracks from our highest rated and most downloaded audio clips in our library.

Finding the right music for your trailer is essential when selling your project to audiences or potential investors. With teasers that can be as short as fifteen seconds, trailers often convey a lot of visual information in a very limited amount of time. The right audio can captivate your audience, drawing viewers into the emotional or tonal narrative of your work without giving away essential plot points or character developments. Strong, cinematic audio tracks also have an “earworm” quality to them, getting easily stuck in audiences’ heads and leaving a lasting impact.

So, to help make your trailer memorable, here’s our list of the top 30 tracks for movie trailers in our library.


Dramatic Tracks

Powerful, energy-building music can transport your audiences, deepen characters, and build captivating plots—all essential elements for any dramatic video project.

1. Cinematic Drums & Choir Voices

Download this Cinematic Drums & Choir Voices Music

2. A Call to Battle

Download this A Call to Battle production music

3. Too Close For Comfort

Download this Too Close For Comfort music

4. Desert Stalkers

Download this Desert Stalkers music

5. Dramatic Underscore Music Bed

Download this Dramatic Underscore Music Bed music

6. Infinity of Space

Download this Infinity of Space Production music

7. Power Electronic Synth Explosion

Download this Power Electronic Explosion music

8. Dramatic Action Scene

Download this Dramatic Action Scene music

9. Dystopia

Download this Dystopia (Cinematic Underscore) music

10. A Dramatic Twist

Download this A Dramatic Twist music


Sweeping Scores

Set the scene with music tracks that fill your audience’s ears and imaginations. Broad scores such as these are perfect for establishing shots and plot developments on an epic scale.

11. A Truly Powerful Force

Download this A Truly Powerful Force music

12. Holding On

Download this Holding On (Cinematic Underscore) music

13. Dramatic Big Sky Bridge

Download this Dramatic Big Sky Bridge

14. Fight For This Planet

Download this Fight For This Planet music

15. Wonderland Full

Download this Wonderland Full music

16. Heroic Dramatic Orchestral

Download this Heroic Dramatic Orchestral music

17. Epic War Music Theme

Download this Epic War Music Theme

18. Earth’s Only Hope

Download this Earth’s Only Hope production music

19. Dramatic Landscape Bridge

Download this Dramatic Landscape Bridge

20. Dramatic Movie Opening

Download this Dramatic Movie Opening music


Lighter Notes

Not all big screen headliners are chocked full of big battles or hair-raising chase scenes. Use these subtle cinematic music tracks for light-hearted dramas, comedies, and family films.

21. By The Campfire

Download this By The Campfire music

22. Charming Ever After

Download this Charming Ever After music

23. The New Vision

Download this New Vision production music

24. Through A Child’s Eyes

Download this Through A Child’s Eyes production music

25. Bizet’s Habanera

Download this Bizet’s Habanera Production Music

26. Just Smile

Download this Just Smile music

27. Some Wishes Come True

Download this Some Wishes Come True music

28. Morning Sun

Download this Morning Sun music

29. Friday Night

Download this Friday Night music

30. Acoustic Loop 12

Download this Acoustic Loop 12 music

Can’t decide which one you like best? With unlimited music tracks, you can can download them all. And when you’re ready to start sound editing for your project, check out our Beginner’s Guide to Adobe Audition.


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