A Practical Guide to Using Music on YouTube: 3 Ways to Protect Your Work and Grow Your Following

You don’t need us to tell you that video content reigns supreme in the creative digital world—you’ve heard it all before and you’re on board. Is it any wonder then that YouTube is the world’s preeminent, standard-bearing platform for video distribution? Of course, the amazing thing about the site is that it’s more than just a platform for storytelling—it’s also a social media channel to connect and interact with audiences and fans. Whereas the Silver Screen may be an excellent tool for mesmerizing the audience with a heart-wrenching story, YouTube is a stage for starting conversations and encouraging viewer participation and interaction.

So, how can you make sure you connect? Incorporating music and loops is a great place to start. Audio does more than just add a pleasant backdrop to video—it increases emotional connection and sensory engagement, while truly captivating the audience’s attention on more than just a visual level. To help you get started, we’ve rounded up a few concrete tips and examples for getting your channel the attention it deserves.


Tip #1—Cover Your Bases Using Royalty-Free Music

We’ve seen this issue before—the dreaded YouTube Content ID claim. YouTube is incredibly finicky about protecting music copyrights. Because the video platform is so diverse, with millions of videos from all over the world uploaded each day, the chances of pirated or copyright-protected content being uploaded is very, very high.

To limit the site’s liability and to help make sure that the creative rights of artists are respected, YouTube actively screens its music and video uploads for possible copyright infringements. If a video is found to have unlicensed, copyrighted material in it, it is no longer eligible for ad monetization and may be pulled from the platform entirely—not the best way to get your work out there and get noticed.

So how do you avoid this? Royalty-free stock music, of course. We work hard to provide an extensive and diverse library of royalty-free stock music, loops, and sound effects—so you can keep producing great content and art without worrying about copyright infringement or paying royalties for the tracks you choose. If you downloaded it from our library with your subscription, then it’s royalty-free and you’re covered. And if you ever do run into a problem with flagged content while using our music, check out our helpful guide for working through the process: YouTube Content ID Claims and Stock Music: Why It Happens and What To Do.

Download this breakbeat loop.


Download this groovy electro beat loop.


Download this ambient loop.


Download this upbeat summer pop loop.


Tip #2—Use Music to Help Create and Connect

Music creates a rhythm and pace for your video—and helps immensely with post-production edits. What level of energy do you want from your audience? Do you want a passive, calm level of engagement that keeps your viewers interested but not overwhelmed? Try a slower paced track that slowly leads them from beginning to end with building tension. Or do you want to create a sense of excitement and passion? Choose a track with percussion and faster pacing. You can even use music to indicate a change of pace in the video, like switching from a direct speaking portion of the video to a montage or timelapse demonstration. Or use it to create memorable intros and outros for your series.

Remember, YouTube is a social media platform. You want to create an environment that people will want to come back to while finding ways to get them to talk and engage. Music helps set this tone and atmosphere. Ask yourself, what are you trying to convey? What do you want your audience to feel? What do you want them to start talking about? Use music to create a personality for your channel and get the conversation started. Bonus: we can help you choose the right track to fit your mood.

Download this easy listening and relaxing track, Dark Chill.


Download this upbeat, electronic, and funk track, The Last Funky House.


Download this energetic and uplifting percussion track, Drum n’ Bass.


Download this intense and powerful hip-hop track, Dark Hip Hop.


Tip #3—Make Sure Your Big Break Gets Seen

If you’re a musician, you are especially aware of the power of YouTube as a social media platform—but are you milking it for all it’s worth? YouTube is an obvious place to post and share your music videos and audio versions of your work, but there’s more to it than that. To really get the most from your page you have to be sure to optimize your titles, descriptions, and tags—because without these little tweaks, your video may not be searchable and easy to find. And don’t forget, not only will your videos be found on YouTube, they will also be indexed in Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Optimizing the titles of your videos may be the most important component for the SEO—or Search Engine Optimization—value of your videos. Consistency is key here. Maintain the same format from video to video: make sure you include the artist’s name and the name of the song. If the video is a recording of a live performance, be sure to mention that. For the description of the video, keep it short and sweet, explaining exactly what the video is. Remember, only 25-30 characters of a preview will show in the description, so pack the good stuff in first and try to be attention grabbing.

And don’t forget to add tags! Include simple yet essential tags such as music, video, rock, folk, guitar—but also get creative. Try some long-tail keywords such as breakup song or sunday morning coffee music. Capturing the essence of your video in keywords will make them easier to find and lead to more views and subscriptions for your channel.

Download this relaxing and sentimental electronic song, Alone But Free.


Download this pop techno song, Blame Game.


Download this classic rock track, Powerdriver.


Download this ambient, synthetic chill out track, Deep Star.

Are you ready to take YouTube by storm? Check out our royalty-free loops and tracks to enhance your creations.


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  • Curtis

    Great blog. However, even using royalty free music, I’ve had many copyright claims thrown at me by YouTube sharks who just make claims on other people’s videos. It takes a few days, but I’ve been able to dispute them all and get my ownership back. But everyone needs to be aware that LOTS of people are making money off of other people’s videos because they claim rights to the music, and it’s actually not theirs at all. So, if you get some claim like that, dispute it quickly. And it’s quite easy to prove it to YouTube because they’ll take anybody’s word on anything it seems.

  • Tresero

    Exactly what Curtis said. I have used royalty free loops (Acid) in original music, and been flagged. Better yet, I’ve been flagged for using my own (studio recorded in Cuba) music.

    There is no arguing with Google. I own the copyright and they never even responded.

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