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Chillax with These Relaxing Acoustic Guitar Tracks

Summer is officially here. With longer days at your disposal, it’s time to kick back, unwind and get in touch with your inner yogi. Set up your summertime schedule with peaceful morning sun salutations and relaxing moonlight meditations, or buy yourself a hammock and do absolutely nothing—the choice is yours.

Whatever method you use to slow down and zone out, these acoustic guitar music clips from our stock music library will put you in the right frame of mind. Do you have plans to grow your business over summer? Then you can use these tracks to show off how awesomely relaxing your product is. Or do you want to up the sensuous vibe of your artsy independent flick? If so, you’ll love these tracks.

Even if you have literally nothing on the agenda this summer, pick up a track or two to totally chillax. Check out our fave tracks below.


1. Sleeping Peacefully

Download this track for peaceful sleeping music.


2. Acoustic Guitar/Piano Underscore

Download this acoustic guitar and piano track for your exciting love scene.


3. Yesterday

Download this uplifting track to take a jog down memory lane.


4. Rolling River

Download this track to be whisked off into a state of bliss.


5. Acoustic Loop

Download this acoustic loop to remind yourself of life’s simple joys.


6. All Pass Guitar

Download this track to give your thinking mind a rest.


7. Acoustic Guitar Indie Pop

Download this track to let go of all of your stress.


8. Amazing Grace Acoustic Guitar

Download this track and remember all that you’re grateful for.


9. Wheat Fieldt

Download this track and feel the calm take over you.


10. Bayou Meditation

Download this bluesy track to chase your blues away.


11. Acoustic Guitar Melody

Download this dreamy track to melt away into your imagination.


12. Country Morning

Download this track for a calming country morning.


13. Summer Stream

Download this track for that deeply spiritual scene in your film.

Hungry for more zen-worthy tracks? Then head over to the AudioBlocks full library of royalty-free tunes and let music make your summer that much sweeter.


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