Sound of the Week: Summer in the City

Thoughts of summertime are usually synonymous with beaches and relaxing in the quiet of nature. Unfortunately, that idea is usually reserved for the weekends and vacations. The hustle and bustle of people exploring the city more freely and dining al fresco are the more familiar, everyday sounds that make up the daily commute of urbanites. This week’s selection from our library of royalty-free stock music and sound effects is all about that city life

While these sounds may not be the sounds of your most relaxing summer dreams they are the sounds of life. Summer in the city brings sounds of sidewalk musicians, dining on sidewalk patios, having lunch at the park amongst the hustle and bustle of city traffic. It is a city that has suddenly come to life.
Download this city park foley sound effect.
We think a brief lunchtime escape to a city park is a perk of summertime worth looking forward to. No more lunch at your desk, soak up some sunshine during the week and enjoy all of the sounds of the city. This week’s sound effect is the perfect for compliment for your city scene in your next project or just let it take you back to those hot summer days in the city. Explore our sound effects and stock music to build the perfect soundtrack to your next project.


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