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Sound of the Week: Smile Everyday

It’s Thursday and that of course means that it is time for another Sound of the Week. Our recent focus, inspired by our cheery summer disposition, has been on positive and cheerful sound effects and music. This track pairs perfectly with last week’s track of children laughing and running.

Upbeat background music has a place in a multitude of projects: intro music to your latest tutorial, the soundtrack to your protagonist joyfully skipping down the street, or the beginnings of a jingle in your latest ad. A happy track is an essential part of so many projects–unless you’re planning something darker of course. This week’s track fulfills all of your peppy background music needs, and the title just so happens to be great words to live by: Smile Everyday.

Download the Smile Everyday track.

Our library is full of great stock audio for creating the perfect background music or the beginning your next track. This track is the perfect start to your search and browsing the options is a great way to put yourself in a happy place.  So go out and create something that brings a smile to your audiences.


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