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Your Booty-Shaking Playlist: 30 Stock Songs to Give Anyone Rhythm

Hard day at work? Kids driving you bonkers? Need some immediate stress relief? If so, it could be time for an in-house dance party. But you can’t dance unless you have some killer tunes to shake your booty to, now can you?

That’s why we’ve gathered up some of the most popular dance music clips in our library for you to download and play as often as you need. From techno to punk rock, we’ve got the beat for an epic dance party—because after all, you’ve earned it!


Techno Dance Music

Nothing says “party” quite like techno music. Explore some of our favorite techno tracks and get yourself in the dancin’ mood with these up-tempo songs.


1. Japanese Dance Pop Music

Download this Japanese dance pop music.


2. Reggaeton Party

Download this Reggaeton Party music.


3. Living for the Weekend Music

Download this living for the weekend music.


4. M-Power Music

Download this m-power music.


5. Gibiduk Music

Download this Gibiduk music.


Beach Friendly Dance Party Music

Take yourself away to wind-swept beaches, sultry moonlit nights, and the smell of salt in the air with some of our top beach-friendly dance party music tracks. It’s almost as good as actually being at the beach…


6. Night in Cuba

Download this night in Cuba music.


7. Dancing Til the Sunrise

Download this dancing till the sunrise music.


8. Island Fun

Download this island fun music.


9. Caribbean Funk

Download this Caribbean funk music.


10. Latin Sky

Download this Latin Sky music.


11. Beach Fun

Download this beach fun music.


12. Jamaica Groove

Download this Jamaica groove music.


13. Acapulco Calling

Download this Acapulco calling music.


14. Cuban Spirit

Download this Cuban spirit music.


15. Island Swing

Download this island swing music.


Up-Tempo Club Dance Music

Nothing is better than a sweaty dance party in your living room. A good 15-minute dance might even burn a few calories. Get low and pump of the volume on these hot, up-tempo dance club music tracks.


16. Crazy Dance Party

Download this crazy dance party music.


17. Night at the Club

Download this night at the club music.


18. Club Music Broadcast

Download this club music broadcast track.


19. R3

Download this R3 music.


20. Hot on The Dance Floor

Download this hot on the dance floor music.


Punk Rock Music

Release your anger from a rough day with some powerful punk-rock music. Poof your hair into a faux-hawk and grab your jean jacket, because these music tracks are perfect for brushing off a bad day at the office.


21. Prankster Alternative Mix

Download this prankster alternative mix.


22. Riot Squad

Download this riot squad music.


23. Conformity

Download this conformity music.


24. Screw You

Download this screw you music.


25. Pop Punk Melodic and Catchy

Download this pop punk melodic and catchy music.


Hip Hop Dance Music

Get your groove on and break out your best moves, ‘cause it’s time to get down to some hip hop music. When you just want to shake it, download one of these hot hip hop songs..


26. Friday Night Downtown

Download this Friday night downtown music.


27. Wrong Part of Town

Download this wrong part of town music.


28. Make it Happen

Download this make it happen music.


29. Hip Hop is in Your Veins

Download this hip hop is in your veins music.


30. Strip Tease

Download this strip tease music.

Need more dance music? Head on over to our library to choose from thousands of dance-worthy music clips sure to get you out on that floor!


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