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Summer Blockbuster MixTape: SFX for This Season’s Big Screen Hits

Movies are often recognized for much more than just their cinematography—their music and sound effects are just as iconic. Ever since the inception of Christopher Nolan’s infamous “BRAAAM” sound effect—from you guessed it, Inception—action films have reused that effect time and time again. In the words of the movie itself, “the most resilient parasite is an idea”—thanks, Leo.

But there are many other iconic sounds and effects associated with popular film franchises. The blockbuster season of 2017 is looking to be a promising one with a multitude of big screen releases coming our way—and it’s chock full of big names and heroes we’ve met before. So, what do they sound like? Is the now classic “braaam” still ruling the silver screen this summer? That’s what we set out to discover.


Fate of the Furious

What is Fast and Furious known for? Cars—obviously—and really big explosions explosions. And crashing cars. And a ridiculous amount of action and thrills. What more would you expect?

Download this car metal crash sound effect to get that car falling out of the sky sound.

Download this sound effect of exploding glass and debris to make your car crashes that much more dramatic.

Download this sound effect of racecards speeding by.


Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Guardians of the Galaxy is known for its memorably retro soundtracks, adorable dancing baby trees, and—last but not least—its spaceships and laser guns. It’s a fan favorite and action-packed.

Download this sound effect of a circling spaceship to make your space aliens that much more intimidating.

Download this sound effect of a spaceship flyby.

Download this laser machine gun sound effect that would be shot in space.


Alien: Covenant

What can we expect from this upcoming blockbuster? Michael Fassbender being a BAMF—oh, and scary aliens, of course. The trailer gave us goosebumps, because what’s more horrifying than the unknown?

Download this terrifying sound effect of an alien breathing down your neck.

Download this sound effect of an alien scan.

Download this sound effect of an alien growling right before it eats you.



Sun, sand, ocean waves… and explosions? Looks like Baywatch is getting an action-packed revamp and it’s louder—and possibly funnier—than ever. Good thing we’ve got the sounds for that!

Download this sound effect of oceans waves crashing on the shore.

Download this sound effect of an explosion and debris scattering across our beautiful beaches.

Download the sound effect of Zac Efron’s rock hard abs getting punched really hard.


Pirates of the Caribbean

What’s a pirate movie without cannons, ships, rum, and sinister laughs? Not much, actually.

Download this sound effect of a cannon firing off a pirate ship.

Download this sound effect of a pirate ship amongst the ocean waves.

Download this sound effect of an evil pirate laughing.


Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is the most powerful woman around—haven’t you heard? Get the sounds of her strength with swords, fight scenes, and the resonance of battle in the distance.

Download this sound effect a sword blade.

Download the sound effects of the hard hitting punches Wonder Woman delivers.

Download the sound effect of battle in the distance.


The Mummy

The Mummy is looking to be one of the summer’s creepiest movies of the year—and it’s not just because Tom Cruise is starring. Egyptian goddesses brought back from the dead, mummies, mice infestations—the trailer even gave us chills.

Download this spooky cinematic reverberation sound effect.

Download this sound effect of horrific mummy bones.

Download this creepy monster sound effect.


Transformers: The Last Knight

A lot of what keeps the Transformers franchise consistent with a strong connection from film to film can actually be attributed to its sound effects. Its seemingly lighthearted subject—robots in disguise—carries more weight and drama with a presence of heavy, robotic sound effects.

Download this sound effects of a robotic monster growling.

Download this electric sparks transitioning sound effect.

Download this heavy transitioning sound effect.


Spiderman: Homecoming

Spiderman is speedy, funny, and full of hand-to-hand combat. It’s sound effects are tight and punchy, and don’t leave much space for echoing. It has sound effects to match the speed of the hero and its fast-pacing.

Download this sound effect of speedy fist fighting.

Download this sound effect of a spider web shooting out.

Download this whoosh sound effect of a spiderman flyby.

So while Nolan’s “braaam” has yet to fully disappear, there is definitely a wide variety of sound effects for all you sound design junkies out there to explore and discover. What will you be creating this summer?


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