The Supernatural Spectacular A Foley Sound Effects Guide to Ghostbusters

The Supernatural Spectacular: A Foley Sound Effects Guide to Ghostbusters

Are you ready to get slimed one more time? It’s been 30 years since the release of the original Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd version of Ghostbusters, and with the recently released reboot in theaters, there’s never been a better time to add supernatural foley sound effects to your projects. We’ve collected a ghoulish guide to SFX inspired by everyone’s favorite horror comedy. With monstrous audio and foreboding (but not too foreboding) ambient loops, these tracks are designed to bring fun and fear to your audience’s ears.


Haunting Foley FX

From Mr. Stay Puft to the flying subway monster, everyone has their favorite haunting from Ghostbusters. Bring your own favorite ghouls to life with these freaky sound effects.


Embedded audio:
Download this baby dinosaur scream

Mr. Stay Puft

Embedded audio:
Download this mutant monster roar audio track

Gozer’s Hellhound

Embedded audio:
Download this long monster growl audio effect


Sounds That Go Bump

What’s that lurking in the shadows? Build suspense or set the scene with haunting atmospheric ambiences and eerie audio backdrops.

Imminent Disaster

Embedded audio:
Download this dark orchestral ambience audio track

Wicked Vibes

Embedded audio:
Download this long horror eerie build up sound effect

Dark Intentions

Embedded audio:
Download this horror fear ambience sound effect


Big Apple Audio

Ghostbusters isn’t just a comedy-horror pop cultural classic, it’s also an ode to New York City. The sights and sounds of the City that Never Sleeps are essential to the movie’s backdrop. Create your own NYC-inspired project with these soundscapes.

Big City Intersection

Embedded audio:
Download this traffic jam with car claxons audio loop

Sidewalk Talk

Embedded audio:
Download this people talking outside with an ambulance siren sound effect

Below the Streets

Embedded audio:
Download this subway station Foley effect


Theme Music With a Soul

Ray Parker Jr.’s iconic Huey Lewis-inspired theme song for the movie has become famous in its own right. Get your ghostly groove-thing on with this spirited funk music, or explore more royalty-free and copyright-free music and tracks in our stock audio library.

Get Funky

Embedded audio:
Download this soul funk party music

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