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Top 20 New Music Tracks with Lyrics: Royalty-Free Songs that Actually Rock

Sound designers face a number of creative problems—from deadlines to budgetary constraints—but finding the right music with lyrics is especially tricky, given that original songs are outrageously expensive and modern, recognizable music is generally subject to copyright restrictions. Fortunately, we just added hundreds of fresh, radio-worthy tracks to our library of royalty-free stock music. And to make it easy to find the right sound without breaking the bank, we curated our 20 favorites into this collection.

If the word “stock” makes you think of elevator music with sappy lyrics, think again—these top 20 tracks are the opposite of cheesy. We sourced them directly from new and up-and-coming artists like Torelli and the Fuse—a Charlotte, North Carolina based band that describes their music as “cinematic pop.”

Lyrics can be power tools, conveying emotion and setting the tone for your project, while also giving your viewers something to get stuck in their heads. Beautiful as it is, nobody ever sang along to Beethoven’s “Fur Elise” on the radio. Luckily, you can download all of these catchy and inspiring song as part of your AudioBlocks membership.

Listen in to our 20 favorite new tracks with lyrics, and let us know how you end up using them!

20. What I Need

Download “What I Need”

19. The Soundtrack of Our Summer

Download “The Soundtrack of Our Summer”

18. With You

Download “With You”

17. You’re Mine and I’m Yours

Download “You’re Mine and I’m Yours”

16. London Again

Download “London Again”

15. All We Know

Download “All We Know”

14. Livin’ the Life

Download “Livin’ the Life”

13. Forgive and Remember

Download “Forgive and Remember”

12. Kill the Old Music

Download “Kill the Old Music”

11. Haven’t Thought of You in So Long (and I’d Like to Keep it That Way)

Download “Haven’t Thought of You in So Long (and I’d Like to Keep it That Way)”

10. Life is a Cycle

Download “Life is a Cycle”

9. Your Face

Download “Your Face”

8. Sundays

Download “Sundays”

7. Confrontation (ft. Nadia)

Download “Confrontation”

6. Close 2 U

Download “Close 2 U”

5. Get it Right

Download “Get it Right”

4. F*RNR

Download “F*RNR”

3. Positive

Download “Positive”

2. Fete

Download “Fete”

1. Grind (ft. David-J)

Download “Grind”

This is just the beginning—with unlimited downloads of more than 100,000 music tracks, sound effects, and loops, you can mix and match and make all your audio dreams a reality.


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