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The Top 20 Tracks for YouTube Intros and Outros

Are you on the hunt for compelling intro or outro music for your YouTube series? It can be hard to find that one perfect song, especially after all the work you’ve put into cultivating your channel, which is why we’ve curated the top 20 royalty-free music tracks from the highest-rated files in our library.

Well-suited theme music is essential for branding your YouTube series and for setting the scene. A fitting intro serves as the perfect hook for your viewers while also creating the right mood. Using the same music–or very similar music–for your outro can also round out your show and give your viewers closure until your next episode.

To pick the right music, first ask yourself what are your goals? Are you covering dramatic news and current events or delivering industry hacks and pro-tips for a tutorial series? The track you choose will depend heavily on this question.

No matter what mood you’re going for, there’s one guideline for choosing intro music that you should always have in mind: Keep it uptempo. Intro music primes your viewers for your show, which means that your music should keep their attention and get them excited for what they’re about to see next. Downbeat–or downtempo–music, while often emotionally resonant or soothing, will do the opposite of exciting your audience.

Without further ado, here are the top 20 music tracks in our library for YouTube intros and outros.

1. “Dreams Become Real”

Download this Dreams Become Real Music

2. “Power Trip [Instrumental]”

Download this Power Trip (Instrumental) Music

3. “Top of the World”

Download this Top of the World Music

4. “Cinematic Drums and Choir Voices”

Download this Cinematic Drums and Choir Voices

5. “No Time for Games”

Download this No Time for Games Music

6. “Sunny Day”

Download this Sunny Day Music

7. “Live the Moment”

Download this Live the Moment Music

8. “Midnight City”

Download this Midnight City Music

9. “Uplifting Acoustic”

Download this Uplifting Acoustic Full Music

10. “Making My Mark”

Download this Making My Mark Music

11. “Tell on You Stinger”

Download this Tell on You Stinger Music

12. “The Chance”

Download this The Chance Music

13. “Dramatic Movie Opening Music”

Download this Dramatic Movie Opening Music

14. “Fun Guitar and Ukulele”

Download this Fun Guitar and Ukulele Music

15. “Business Freedom”

Download this Business Freedom Music

16. “Hip Hop Power Rap”

Download this Hip Hop Power Rap Production Music

17. “Epic Battle and War”

Download this Epic Battle and War Music

18. “Electronic for Weather”

Download this Electronic for Weather Music

19. “Upbeat Funky Good Times”

Download this Upbeat Funky Good Times Music

20. “Synth Power”

Download this Synth Power Music

Can’t decide which one you like best? With unlimited music tracks, you can can download them all and keep your YouTube channel sounding fresh. And remember, if YouTube gives you any trouble over content ID claims, here’s how to resolve them.


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