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15 Danceable Music Tracks to Help You Cut Loose—Footloose!

Need a break from the hustle and bustle of the everyday grind? If so, you need a dance party! Stir up your favorite cocktail, throw on your favorite little black dress, and put on your dancin’ shoes.

Since no dance party is complete without tunes to jive to, we’ve listed a few of our favorite danceable royalty-free stock music tracks to help you really cut loose. Whether you’re the type of person who loves club music or if you’d prefer a classic waltz to shimmy around the room to, these 15 tracks are sure to have a least one tune to help you get your dance on.

And to help get you in the mood, check out this dance party video from our sister site VideoBlocks.

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Tune out the outside world and feel the music flow through you with these three electronic tracks. Dubstep is one of the hottest music genres hitting dance clubs around the world, and these three songs are sure to fit the bill. Find some glow sticks, swipe glow in the dark paint on your body, and go wild to these music tracks!

1. Dub Electronic Music
Download this Dub Electronic music track.

2. Genesis Electro Music

Download this Genesis Electro music track.

3. Fooling the Night
Download this Fooling the Night music track.



The 70s and 80s were full of funky music to get your groove on to. We’ve recreated them in these three ultra-funky tunes. Do a jazz funk dance or get your hips swayin’ to some fun disco tunes with these three music tracks. And don’t worry, you don’t have to be born in the 70s or 80s to appreciate these classic takes on disco and funk.

4. Funky House
Download this slow Funky House music track.

5. This is Funky House
Download this upbeat Funky House track

6. Disco House Funk
Download this Disco House Funk track.


Hip Hop

Maybe you’re too cool for funk and want to dance to music that’s more your style. How about hip hop? Whether you were a huge Notorious B.I.G fan or prefer the classic hits from 50 Cent, you’ll find at least one song that you like in our hip hop favorites from AudioBlocks. Shake your booty, let yourself ‘work it’ or just let go and go with the beat for a hella cool dance session. Use these tunes for an impromptu dance off in your living room or to wake up the crowd at your next event.

7. Work That

Download this hip hop music track and work it.

8. Shake Your Booty

Download this booty shakin’ music track.

9. Dragging Mink

Download this Dragging Mink hip hop track.


Waltz and Classic Music

The waltz is one of the most widely recognized but rarely well-executed dances in the world. It embodies grace, coordination, and sophistication. If you prefer the finer things in life, then these three music tracks are perfect for you. Grab your dance partner and twirl your way around the room as you listen to these classic rhythms. Become a princess or prince right in your living room with our favorite classic music picks.

10. Chamberstone Waltz

Download this Chamberstone Waltz music.

11. Students Waltz

Download this playful Students Waltz.

12. Soft Piano

Download this Soft Piano track.


International Dance Tunes

Does your blood run hot with the spices of different regions of the world? Perhaps salsa is one of your favorite dances? If so, then you’ll definitely want to check out our picks for international dance tunes. Of course, some folks might prefer the classic tunes of Ireland instead. Don’t worry! We’ve that covered! Explore far away cultures or embrace the ones you already hold dear, and check out these three international dance tunes for your next dance party.

13. Hot Salsa
Download this Hot Salsa track.

14. Old Irish Pub
Download this Old Irish Pub music.

15. Funky Latin Party

Download this Funky Latin Party music.

What are you waiting for? Break out those dancing shoes! Life is too short for bad music. Crank up any one of these tracks and get your blood pumping and your dancing fix in.


Cut Loose—Footloose!


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