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Sound of the Week: Celebrate Every Achievement

You’ve made it through hump day, and now it’s time to coast until the weekend. Luckily for you, we have the perfect distraction for your Thursday morning—our Sound of the Week. This week, we’re sharing inspiring music fit for celebrating every achievement in your adult life. Download the track and check out more of our upbeat background music.

Download this upbeat, inspirational music track.

As kids, most of us dreamed that we would be the hero in our story. We imagined the joys of eating ice cream every day, buying all of the toys we wanted, and choosing when our bedtime would be. As adults, we’ve finally realized why our parents didn’t let us eat ice cream for breakfast, lunch, and dinner—and staying up late usually just means chugging a venti triple espresso before that 8 a.m. board meeting and hoping nobody asks why you look sick. We envy the years when we were told to take naps and picking up our toys was the extent of our responsibilities.

But while being a grown up is sometimes difficult, there are also a lot of wonderful moments that come with the added responsibility. We have the power to decide what we do each day (including eating ice cream when we feel like it—or accidentally burn dinner). We also have amazing moments of pride when we check off items on our to-do lists and nail presentations or sales calls at work.

When you’re a kid, every small achievement is celebrated—so why not choose to celebrate every small victory in your adult life? From successfully training your dog to sit, to managing to make it to work on time despite the highway gridlock, no achievement is too small. Celebrate your little wins with this upbeat Sound of the Week.


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