How to sample AudioBlocks in your own song

How to sample AudioBlocks in your own song

From its beginnings, hip hop has always been about sampling. Whether it was Dr. Dre borrowing 70s funk for N.W.A., MF Doom grabbing bizarre bits of dialogue from classic cartoons, or DJ Kool Herc rapping over disco vinyl at street parties in the Bronx, the act of sampling is part of rap’s DNA.

With the rise of the internet and the ubiquity of song-making software like Logic and Ardour (or Audacity, for those adventurous open-source sorts), we all know how to go about looping samples and constructing the structure for a song. It’s not always obvious where that sonic inspiration should come from, though. Just like every other rap producer and DJ, you need a proper repository of samples to work from. Audioblocks is a new site with thousands of searchable samples. They’re all royalty-free, which means that you can throw them right into a radio-ready song with no risk of being sued like so many rappers and labels throughout hip-hop history, from Jay-Z to MC Hammer to Biz Markie.

Once you’ve got an account on AudioBlocks, you take your time listening for whatever sound you need. Whether it’s a percussion loop to lay down under a whole track, some ambient field samples for a dreamy outro, or an epic orchestral overture to launch your track, you just browse until you find the perfect recording. From there, you can download it straight to your hard drive and import it into your Digital Audio Workstation of choice. You can search by tempo, instrumentation, style, or mood. Once you’ve got that track down, rinse, wash, and repeat – keep going until you’ve built that perfectly layered song. With the monthly subscription, you will have unlimited free sample downloads and royalty-free protection, so there’s nothing standing in the way of you and your #1 hit. Feel free to manipulate these samples with your plug-ins of choice, and be sure to get that radio-friendly compression ready so that the vocals fly free and the beat pops.

Whether you’re looking to produce a rapper or craft the perfect dance hit, you’ve got every sample you need with AudioBlocks. They’re part of a fast-growing media empire, with links to VideoBlocks and GraphicStock and heavy tech press coverage. A professional sampling library is the perfect investment to leap from amateur home recording to club-ready sonic bliss. After your track is mixed and mastered, post it up on SoundCloud or Urbanmusicdaily.net and prepare to be discovered.

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