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Taking the VideoBlocks subscription model and applying it to an all audio site was a no-brainer for our Blockhead team, but we knew a simple copy and paste would not work. Our team worked around the clock to add new features, a better aesthetic and a whole new search experience to Here’s a list of five of our new features for you to keep an eye out for!

AudioBlocks Homepage

1. Brand Spankin’ New Search Feature

Finding the perfect production music is such a task. You’re looking for a certain length, particular instruments and, most importantly, a mood that perfectly matches your project. We’ve made that search a whole lot easier on AudioBlocks. You can search by mood, instrument, duration and more. PLUS, all the results are updated instantly, so no need to keep refreshing!

2. “Play All” and Work On

You’ll notice a new “Play All” feature on our search pages. Once you’ve plugged in your criteria, you can start playing through all the songs that show up. The best part is that this feature keeps working even if you open a new browser window or minimize the page, meaning you can keep working on other projects while you wait for the perfect song to hit you.

3. Download Straight from Search

Did you find the perfect tune? Great! Downloading it is easier than ever. Just click the “Download Now” button right on the search page and you can instantly download the track. No need for extra clicks!

4. A Format for Every Need

All of our files are offered in both WAV and MP3 formats, so no matter what editing software you’re using, you’ll be sure to find a file that can integrate seamlessly.

5. Browse With Your Keyboard

We know that editors are used to doing everything with their keyboard, so we’ve adapted the site to work the same way! When you’re in “Play All” mode you can use your keyboard arrows and space bar to browse through all of our music.


So go ahead, browse around! Tell us what you love about the new features! Friend us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter so we can hear all about your AudioBlocks experience.

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