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Top 20 Holiday Sound Effects: These Aren’t Your Average Foley Tracks

It must be that time of year again. With stores already proudly displaying their holiday decorations and playing those same, saccharine songs that they trot out every year–not to mention your neighbor’s hideous Christmas light display–it’s hard to deny that the holidays are coming. That’s why to help chase away our inner Grinch, we’ve put together our favorite top 20 holiday foley sound effects that are as fun as they are merry.

Of course, we know that the holidays aren’t always like Norman Rockwell paintings–real life is much weirder. Funny and weird, for that matter. We picked the best SFX for the holidays’ perfect and not so perfect moments. Whether you’re working on a special video, producing a festive album, or are just looking for a laugh, these foley sound effects are sure to get you in the spirit.
Breakout the eggnog and plum pudding, because here’s the top 20 holiday foley SFX:

1. Guys, Santa’s Had Too Much Eggnog

Download this Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas to Everybody sound effect

2. When I Saw Momma Kissin’ Santa Claus…

Download this Woman Screaming sound effect

3. Oops! Forgot to Clean the Chimney.

Download this Chimney Ashes Clean sound effect

4. Open Another Bottle Of Holiday Cheer

Download this Cork Pulled Out of a Wine Bottle sound effect

5. Do You Want to Melt A Snowman?

Download this Towel Dripping and Dunking Underwater sound effect

6. You’ve Got Mistletoe

Download this Funny Long Cartoon Kisses sound effect

7. No More Mister Nice Reindeer

Download this Horse Snort sound effect

8. A Silent Night… In the City

Download this City Background Ambience sound effect

9. You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out, Kid!

Download this BB Gun Fire and Load sound effect

10. Wrapping Paper Shred Fest

Download this Paper Tear Ball Up sound effect

11. When You Try to Sound Excited About a New Pair of Socks

Download this Cheering sound effect

12. Do You Hear Reindeer on the Roof?

Download this Horse Carriage sound effect

13. Don’t Forget Carrots for the Reindeer

Download this Horse Eating Hay sound effect

14. If We’re Going Over the River and Through the Woods, We Better Start Shoveling

Download this Ice And Snow Shovel Metal Scrape sound effect

15. Why Oh Why Did We Buy that Annoying Toy

Download this Toy Joker Laughter sound effect

16. Jingle All the Way

Download this Jingle Bells sound effect

17. Yule Want to Snuggle Up by this Fire

Download this Fireplace Crackling ambience

18. ‘Chop Your Own’ Xmas Trees

Download this Wood Chopping sound effect

19. Time for Christmas Dinner!

Download this Spoon Placed on Tea Plate sound effect

20. Cheers to Family, Love, and a Wonderful Life

Download this Glass Toast Cheers sound effect

Feeling full of cheer? Download all these tracks and more as part of your AudioBlocks subscription. Or discover more festive audio with the Holiday A.V. Toolkit from our sister site VideoBlocks.


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