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Sound of the Week: It’s Guinness Time

Thursday means that it’s time for another edition of Sound of the Week, our weekly series highlighting the ordinary events in our daily lives using music and sound. This Thursday is extra special because tomorrow just so happens to be Saint Patrick’s Day—and that means it’s the perfect time to break out our Irish music and step dancing footage while reveling in emerald-tinted frivolity-and of course, Guinness.


Download this Celtic Nation music clip.
This week’s Sound of the Week is sure to make you want to break out your best Irish Jig—especially if you’ve already poured yourself a draught or two.

Purchase this footage of Irish dancing.
There are a ton of St. Paddy’s Day traditions, and even those of us who are everything but Irish enjoy pretending to be Irish for a day. From the music and the drinks to making a wish on a four leaf clover, St. Pat’s has become a day for everyone to share.

While St. Patrick’s Day brings many fond memories of searching for luck and drinking a beer in a local pub, it is actually about so much more than that. Honor and celebrate Irish history and traditions by downloading this Celtic music clip.


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