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Sound of the Week: Bad Housemate War Music

As the weather gets warmer, the workday tends to drag on as we long for a moment in the sunshine. Luckily our Sound of the Week series featuring royalty-free stock music and sound effects gives you a reason to look forward to Thursdays. This week we are featuring an epic war music track for those times that your housemate really rubs you the wrong way.
We all had dreams about what it would be like to finally move out of our parents’ house. We knew we’d find the perfect housemate to sit back and share a beer with—someone who would give us space when we needed it, respect our belongings, and clean up after themselves. Our roomie would become our BFF as we lived it up in our free, post-adolescent glory days.

Unfortunately, reality is almost never as easy as fantasy. Whether you’re currently living with an undesirable pest—er, housemate—or you’ve been reminiscing about horrifying roommates from days gone by, you can probably remember a time when they really set you off. Seriously, how does someone “forget” to wash their dishes for two weeks? Did he think you wouldn’t notice that your food was magically disappearing from the fridge?

Eventually all of those small moments add up, and you are forced to go to war—even if war means posting passive aggressive sticky notes all over the apartment. So when the time comes to go full-scale Braveheart on your resident couch potato, cue up this epic soundtrack and get amped.


Download this war music to create the ultimate bad roommate montage, and if you need a little post-battle R&R, check out last week’s Sound of the Week post.


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  • Red Drum Music Studios

    It’s kinda funny living with the enemy when it comes to music, fashion, food and many other things. However, there is still the concept of patience and adjustment. At the end of the day, you will realize that these are just small trivial things that can be lived with. Interesting post. Thanks for sharing.

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