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Sound of the Week: The Blooper Reel for Your Life

Happy Thursday and welcome to Sound of the Week, our weekly series that highlights royalty-free sound effects and stock music to provide a soundtrack for your extraordinary life. This week’s music track is for those accidental—and probably comical—moments that happen in our daily lives. While you may not be ready to laugh in the moment, you will later. Probably.

We all look a little silly sometimes—it’s those moments that we wish we could rewind and redo, but unfortunately can’t. Just this morning you may have tripped and spilled your coffee on the barista at Starbucks. Oh, and remember that time your professor asked you a simple question in the middle of your 500-person lecture and you completely blanked? Or when you broke your wrist trying to show off your epic ping-pong skills?

Well, what if you could rewind? What would your blooper reel look like? Imagine it all with this blooper reel music track from AudioBlocks:


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It isn’t the embarrassing moments that define us, it’s how we deal with them. So today when you have an awkward Freudian slip during your big presentation, fall out of your chair, or send an email to the wrong person, remember that you too are only human. Think of those moments while listening to this track and have yourself a good laugh.

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