The Top 10 Epic Sound Effects for Your Summer Blockbuster

The season of spectacular filmmaking is upon us, so why not use some of our newly added epic sound effects, looping tracks, and exclusive audio in your summer project?

As part of Creative Rewards Month, we’ve expanded our library to include more of the audio tracks and sound effects that our members have been asking for. With more scifi and horror effects, monstrous animal sounds, ambient background environments, combat Foley, and dramatic stingers, we’ve made sure that our subscribers have the right audio at their disposal to add oomph to their blockbuster score.

Here’s a curated list of 10 Epic Sound Effects from our new Creative Rewards release to help your summer film stand out from the rest.

1. What was that?

Whether your script calls for aliens, dinosaurs, or supernatural monsters, make sure you have the right sound effects to get your audience’s hearts pounding.

Download this Nazgul type screech sound effect.


2. The truth is out there.

It could be a transport beam, a laser cannon, or a hyperdrive engine; whatever you use this deep space sound effect for, it will give your audience a truly otherworldly experience.

Download this sound effect of spooky hit explosions.


3. Sounds like trouble.

Cinematic stingers and impact sound FX like this sequence of metallic hits are vital to punctuating suspenseful trailers, action-filled chase scenes, and gut-wrenching cliffhangers.

Download this metallic cinematic hits sound effect.


4. Don’t cut the yellow wire.

What’s a summer action film without a few bombs and explosions? Use this massive explosion effect and others like it to stun and dazzle your audience.

Download this massive explosion sound effect.


5. Pedal to the metal.

Use this rumbling car effect and others like it for gripping chase scenes, last-minute rescues, or daring car heists.

Download this diesel car starting with skids sound effect.


6. I’ve got a bad feeling about this.

From the discovery of a cataclysmic doomsday plot to an imminent confrontation between superpowered mutants, ominous ambient background tracks like this one are essential to proper foreshadowing.

Download this ambient audio track of a dark tunnel with creepy echoes.


7. The city that never sleeps.

Whether your project features a caped crusader or an alien menace looming above the skyline, use ambient street noises to make cities come to life.

Download this looping track of the subway, street, and people walking.


8. A dark and stormy night.

Set the scene for a villainous plot with an shattering thunderclap or rumbling storm audio loops.

Download this close thunder exploding audio track.


9. Choose your weapon.

Although the weapon doesn’t make the hero–or the villain, for that matter–using the right Foley sounds can make or break an important combat scene.

Download this sword hit combat Foley sound effect.


10. Feel the need for speed.

It doesn’t matter if you’re featuring a futuristic motorbike, a flashy racecar, or an alien spacecraft. Make sure your project goes zoom with the right revs, wooshes, and zips with our newest sound effect additions.

Download this drive-by whoosh sound effect.


Bonus tracks

If you’re looking for more stock audio to rev the engines of your inspiration, try these exclusive cinematic music tracks available only on Audioblocks.

Do androids dream of electric sheep?

With powerful synth scoring set in a minor key, this futuristic techno-noir track will help you channel your inner Ridley Scott.

Download this space melody music in c-minor.


Race the clock.

Time is ticking and your heroes (or antiheroes) are about to get caught. Use this fast-paced music to build onscreen tension.

Download this tick tock production music.


Paging Hans Zimmer.

Deep bass with powerful, theater-shaking reverb is essential to most action and summer blockbuster films these days. Get your own “Hans Zimmer-esque” score with this action trailer music.

Download this action trailer music.


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