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20 Awesome Tracks We Can’t Stop Listening To

Believe it or not, stock music can be just as catchy as the newest pop track—and it comes without the real-life drama of the music industry. We’ll give you fair warning, though: some of these melodies might get stuck in your head. But don’t worry, just have another listen and that song will be un-stuck in no time. We swear by this trick!

After combing through our trending music, we selected the songs that we just couldn’t get enough of. If you’re looking for an ear-pleasing tune for your next project, these 20 trending music tracks fit the bill. Trendy, fresh, and full of momentum, these stock tracks are guaranteed to get the creativity flowing.

So, what’s next on your agenda? Are you creating back-to-school promos? Editing your latest independent film? Maybe you’re trying to wow a client with a spectacular presentation. Whatever your goals are, you can save time, energy, and money by using high-quality stock music. Be sure to check out our membership library for more show-stopping tracks.


1. Dancing ‘Til Sunrise

Download this Dancing Til Sunrise track.


2. Claps with Guitar and Ukulele

Download this Claps with Guitar and Ukulele track.


3. Urban Love

Download this Urban Love track.


4. Summer Sounds

Download this Summer Sounds track.


5. Secret Dreams

Download this Secret Dreams track.


6. Get Your Boogie Down

Download this Get Your Boogie Down track.


7. Indie Rock with Dramatic Opening

Download this Indie Rock with Dramatic Opening track.


8. Happy Noon Folks!

Download this Happy Noon Folks track.


9. Pink Garbage

Download this Pink Garbage track.


10. Purposeful Intent

Download this Purposeful Intent track.


11. Driving Pop Rock

Download this Driving Pop Rock track.


12. Introspective Ukulele Loop

Download this Introspective Ukulele Loop.


13. Big and Beautiful 60’s Hippy Pop Rock Music

Download this Big and Beautiful 60’s Hippy Pop Rock Music track.


14. Making My Mark

Download this Making My Mark track.


15. Dark Hip Hop

Download this Dark Hip Hop track.


16. Ready to Run

Download this Ready to Run track.


17. The Lover

Download this The Lover track.


18. The Reason to Start

Download this The Reason to Start track.


19. Are You Feeling This?

Download this Are You Feeling This track.


20. Running

Download this Running track.

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