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Sound of the Week: Groundhog Say What??

Sound of the Week: Punxsutawney Phil Predicts Our Fate

Have you ever wished your life was more like the movies? Imagine a world where a crowd laughs at even your worst puns, fireworks go off when you complete your daily workout, and music plays to capture the mood of current events. Our new weekly series for AudioBlocks—Sound of the Week—will highlight stock music and sound effects that reflect what’s happening around us. Come back each week for a fresh listen!
It’s Thursday again—that ‘meh’ day when it feels like the weekend is so close, yet so, so far away. On the bright side, today isn’t your ordinary Thursday—it’s Groundhog Day! Somewhere in Pennsylvania, Punxsutawney Phil’s made his annual appearance, and set the weather fates in motion for the next couple months.


Early this morning, Phil saw his shadow and scurried back inside, condemning us to six more weeks of winter.

This dramatic music clip accurately portrays how we feel about another six weeks of cold weather, but rather than focusing on the negatives, let’s focus on what we can appreciate during the cold, winter months. You’ve already made it through Monday, Tuesday, AND Wednesday. That means you have two days left of this work week until you get to cozy up on the couch, sip a cup of hot cocoa, and take a journey to Netflix Bingelandia. The cold weather provides the perfect excuse to skip your run, slip on those oh so comfortable sweatpants, and bask in the glow of your TV all day. Once the weekend is over, you can go back to work without feeling like you are missing out on the wonderful weather outside. There’s nothing like winter weather to make you feel lucky to be stuck in an office all day.


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